Lance Storm Takes Issue With Viceland’s Montreal Screwjob Documentary

Apr 21, 2019 - by James Walsh

Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring episode on the infamous Montreal Screwjob at WWF Survivor Series 1997 recently made its debut last week. However, one talent who is taking issue with it is former WCW, ECW, and WWE Superstar Lance Storm, who criticized it on Twitter. 

While Storm was complimentary of the Bruiser Brody episode, he took issue with the Montreal Screwjob one going along with Bruce Prichard saying Survivor Series was Bret Hart’s last night with WWE. Storm wrote, “Just watched the #Viceland Brody documentary. Very interesting, heavy as hell but really good. Tapped on the Montreal one when it opens with Bruce saying it was Bret’s last night in the company. No it wasn’t, how can they buy such easily verifiable bull****.” 

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