Alexa Bliss hopes WrestleMania goes smoother than her Raw talk show 

Apr 7, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking to TMZ, WrestleMania host Alexa Bliss said that she hopes that WrestleMania goes smoother than her weekly Moment of Bliss segment, as her Raw talk segment always gets interrupted and fights break out.

Bliss is also bringing a couple of outfit changes for the broadcast after she got the idea from when she attended the American Music Awards and saw that the host changed the outfit a few times.

Asked if it’s a bittersweet moment for her because she’s not in the ring, Bliss said, “Well, medically, I’m completely cleared to wrestle.” She said she’s been concentrating on being talk show host and a host for WrestleMania. “So it’s not that I’m injured. I’m completely fine, doing well and feel great. Been doing all the live events but just right now I’m really focusing on hosting because I don’t want to go out there and make a fool out of myself,” she continued.

The former Raw and Smackdown Women’s champion also said said that she hopes to get back to wrestling on television after WrestleMania and has her eyes on on whoever wins the main event…who she hopes will be Charlotte Flair. Bliss has not wrestled on WWE television since the Royal Rumble.

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