Rollins on Ambrose’s departure: “this place can be frustrating”

Apr 4, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Seth Rollins on Dean Ambrose’s WWE departure: “I get it. I understand this place can be frustrating”

Seth Rollins recently sat down with Cathy Kelly for a lengthy interview for He discussed the departure of his best friend Dean Ambrose.

Rollins said: “It breaks my heart. I get it. I understand that this place can be frustrating. He’s been doing it nonstop for 16 years now. Sometimes you need to step away and take care of yourself. I wish him luck on whatever he does. We’re still best friends and brothers. I love him. He marches to the beat of his own drum and I know how he feels about his creativity. I never imagined us working anywhere else and I never imagined us separated. It’s gonna be weird to come into a locker room where he’s not there. It tugs on my heart strings. I support him 100%. He’s a stud. He’ll be successful in whatever he does next.”

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