Wrestlemania 35 Speculated to Bring in Over $20 Million

Apr 3, 2019 - by James Walsh

It’s already the biggest card in Wrestlemania history with fifteen matches (for now), and it could end up with the biggest live gate as well. In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer suggests that Wrestlemania 35 could bring in over $20 million this weekend, which would make it the first show ever to do so. As it’s in the New York market, it’s the highest ticket priced Wrestlemania ever.

The last time Mania was at the MetLife Stadium, they had an attendance of 74,000 (announced as 80,676) with 68,900 paid. That was a $12.3 million gate. The building has not changed size, so the real attendance and paid numbers should be similar, as the show has sold out. WWE will also likely claim a figure slightly higher than 80,676 to claim a record. The gate will be higher due to higher ticket prices, inflation, etc.

It should be noted that WWE has not released an official gate estimate.

The draw this year is believed to be the Wrestlemania name, which was not the case in 2013, as WWE was building the show on John Cena vs. The Rock. Tickets were sold for this year’s event with hint of who would be on the card or what matches would take place.

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