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WWE Fastlane 2019 Pre Show

WWE Fastlane Kick Off show starts with Pre-Show Panel Jonathan Coachman joined by Sam Roberts, David Otunga and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. The panel discuss the card talking about the WWE Fastlane matches. Panel mention on Kick Off is Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev Vs The New Day – Big E and Xavier Woods. Panel mention stipulation on match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch that if Becky Lynch wins she is added to championship match at WrestleMania. We are told Daniel Bryan will appear on the panel ahead of his championship defence.

We see a video package of Becky Lynch feud with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, Mr McMahon suspending Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair as the replacement, Becky Lynch attacking Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Becky Lynch being reinstated and will face Charlotte at Fastlane and if she wins she is added to WrestleMania championship match making it a Triple Threat Match.

Jonathan Coachman and Panel discuss situation and match – Beth says Becky has nothing to lose and everything to gain to hold gold again in WWE, Beth says tonight could be Becky’s night, Sam Roberts says it is ridiculous as she has everything to lose. Otunga says both are right and is a must win for Becky Lynch, in my legal opinion she shouldn’t have signed the agreement.

Panel discuss Sasha Banks and Bayley winning the WWE Womens Tag Team Championship last month at WWE Elimination Chamber. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce interrupt the panel, they say they have been looking for them and said they promised to defend across all brands but don’t come to SmackDown, they say they are the future and they are Iconic and Sam Roberts needs to be quiet. The Iiconics predict Boss N Hug Connection to win the match.

Panel talk about Mandy Rose picking up a victory over Asuka 2 weeks ago on SmackDown and Asuka attacking both Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville last week on SmackDown. Sam Roberts thinks Mandy Rose is a credible threat to Asuka and winning the Womens Championship this quick. Beth thinks this could be her moment.

Backstage Kayla Braxton interviews Mandy Rose about WWE Championship, Kayla says you faked an eye injury to get the win. Mandy says Asuka has to use an advantage to win. EC3 appears and says I am a hot commodity, Sonya says Mandy isn’t here to flirt with a human tanning bed and you need to take a hike.

Panel show us something courtesy of of Carmella trying to get people to sign a petition to get a WWE US Championship and gets someone to sign it and then Zelina says Andrade is next in line, Carmella says Joe pinned Andrade not R-Truth. Samoa Joe appears and says if Rey Mysterio and Andrade want a chance come and see me. Samoa Joe signs petition. Panel announce Rey Mysterio Vs Andrade are now added to WWE US Championship making it a Fatal 4 Way.

Panel talk about The Usos winning Tag Team Championship last month at Elimination Chamber and then Miz pinning Jey Uso last week on SmackDown. We see video package highlighting this. Christian joins the panel replacing Beth Phoenix. Christian and panel talk about Miz having home field advantage and Sam Roberts say its about titles not keeping family happy.

Panel talk about Ricochet and Aleister Black arriving on SmackDown and Raw and possibly winning Tag Team Championship tonight. We see a video where Ricochet says its about becoming a champion when coming to WWE, Black says it is about destiny and everyone else will fade to black.

Panel talk about WWE Championship and Mr McMahon replacing Kofi Kingston with Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan says Kevin Owens doesn’t deserve a chance because he is a nobody, Kevin getting a victory over Daniel Bryan 2 weeks ago on SmackDown. AJ Styles joins the panel to discuss WWE Championship match. AJ says it was a mistake removing Kofi Kingston from the match. AJ says Kevin Owens needs eyes in back of head to win. Sam questions what has changed with AJ Styles. Coach asks what is the beef between AJ Styles and Randy Orton. AJ says he is trying to get in my head, Christian says I know Randy Orton, AJ says I will take my time before dealing with Randy Orton.

Kayla Braxton is backstage and interviews Kevin Owens about WWE Championship match. Kevin says about the contrevorsy you need to speak to Mr McMahon, I won’t turn down a chance to make better life for me and my family, I hated watching Daniel Bryan talk down to WWE Universe and I will punch Daniel Bryan in the face and take the championship. New Day appear and Kofi says I don’t have problems with you and tonight is your moment and good luck for tonight, Kevin says that means a lot and thank you. Kevin and Kofi shake hands. A member of staff comes and says Mr McMahon and McMahon family request your presence to discuss the WWE Championship.

We go to ringside for Pre-Show match. – Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are on commentary.

Pre-Show Tag Team Match
Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev w/Lana Vs The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston
Referee: Darrick Moore

Gregg Hamilton does the introduction, Match starts with Woods and Nakamura. Woods nails a spinning kick for a two, Rusev tagged in. Rusev in control of Woods with chops in the corner, Nakamura tagged in and kick to chest of Woods, head to stomach of Woods by Rusev in the corner, Bear hug by Rusev on Woods, Woods escapes the hold, punches to Rusev, knee to gut of Woods, Nakamura tagged in and kick to back of head of Woods, (We see clip of Miz talking to his dad – Shane McMahon comes in and they both say they are ready). Headlock on Xavier by Shinsuke Nakamura. Rusev tagged in and goes for suplex of the middle rope but Woods trying to create separation and does with a headbutt, missile dropkick to Rusev. Big E tagged in and Belly to Belly to both Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura, Big Splash on Nakamura by Big E, Big Ending attempt into a guillotine headlock, Big E breaks out of it and tosses Nakamura across the ring. Big E goes for dive through rope but big knee and hangs Big E in between ropes and then nails knee drops, Knee strike of the top rope on Big E. Rusev tagged in and Xavier Woods tagged him and nails Rolling DDT on Rusev and Nakamura with kick to Woods, Rusev gets a two count. Rusev does reverse suplex on Woods for a two count. Double team combo on Woods but only a two count. Nakamura goes for Kinshasha knee strike but blocked and rollup for two, Backstabber by Woods on Nakamura, Big Ending Position on Nakamura, Rusev distracts referee and Lana pushes Woods of the top rope. Nakamura with a kick to Big E, Machka Kick to Big E but a two count, Nakamura tossed to the outside. Woods tagged in and dives over the top rope but is caught by Nakamura and Rusev and planted on the apron, Rusev rolls in Woods but a two count. Rusev hooks on the Accolade submission on Xavier Woods but he heads to the rope but Nakamura pulls rope away and Big E pulls him of apron and sends him into timekeeper area, rollup by Woods on Rusev for a two count, Big E tagged in and Up Up Down Down finisher for the in.

Winners via Pinfall The New Day – Big E and Rusev

Pre-Show panel discuss 6 Man Tag Team Match between The Shield Vs Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre and Sam Roberts says reunion of The Shield is a bad idea as Dean says he is leaving. Panel discuss the rest of the PPV matches. David Otunga thinks Ricochet and Aleister Black may take it. Sam Roberts says it is all Usos tonight. Christian thinks Asuka is a different animal. Sam Roberts says Samoa Joe has to have eyes in back of head during Fatal 4 Way. Christian says reality sets in and the hunted are the Womens Tag Team Champions. David Otunga says brotherhood brings The Shield together.

Panel mention sign up for WWE Network and you get WrestleMania in 4 weeks for free.

End of Pre-Show.

WWE Fastlane 2019 Results

We see a video package talking about Fastlane being the last stop on Road to WrestleMania. Video features Roman Reigns returning after leukaemia diagnosis and bringing the Shield back for one more match. Momentum is everything for Becky Lynch, Mr McMahon replacing Kofi Kingston with Kevin Owens, Mandy Rose challenging Asuka to become Womens Champion, Womens Tag Team Championship first defense.

Yamaha presents WWE Fastlane 2018

When we go live Tom Phillips welcomes us to Fastlane.

Tag Team Match for SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Challengers: The Miz and Shane McMahon Vs Champions: The Usos – Jimmy and Jey
Referee: Jason Ayers

The Miz hugs his dad who is at front row. Gregg Hamilton does introductions.

Match starts with Jimmy and Shane, punch by Shane  to Jimmy, sharp arm drag by Shane, leg sweep by Shane to Jimmy, Miz tagged in and tandem punches to Jimmy Uso in the corner, Jey Uso tagged in, Miz with roll up for a two, Miz with suplex to Jey, Shane McMahon tagged in. Jimmy tagged in and double team tandem short clothesline takedown on Shane McMahon, two count by Jimmy on Shane McMahon, thrust to Shane, double team leg split on Shane McMahon, chin lock on Shane McMahon by Jey Uso, punches by Shane but blocked and punch takes down Shane, Jimmy Uso tagged in and knocks Miz of the apron.

Jimmy hangs Shane McMahon on middle rope, Jimmy distracts referee and uppercut by Jimmy to Shane McMahon, sleeper hold by Jimmy Uso, Jimmy stops Shane from tagging in, running headbutt on Shane McMahon by Jey Uso. DDT by Shane McMahon on Jey Uso. Jimmy tagged in as is The Miz. Miz drops Jimmy on floor, yes kick, double knees three times in the corner and vintage clothesline in the corner into a roll up for a two count, Jimmy and Jey sent to the outside. Miz removes top and shows Cleveland is Awesome t-shirt then dives of top rope onto both Usos in front of his dad. Short DDT by Miz on Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso tagged in and pop up Samoan Drop for a two count.

Miz in the corner and Jey goes for running pop but missed and counter into Skull Crushing Finale but blocked, double superkick to The Miz, Miz comes in and punches Jimmy and double team Samoan drop on Shane McMahon, Skull Crushing Finale on Jimmy Uso but only 2 as referee was getting Shane out the ring. Miz with knee to hamstring of Jey but kick by Jimmy sends Miz into corner post, Jey tagged in and hoists Miz on his shoulder but Miz escapes and sends Jimmy into Jey whose on top and falls off, enzuguri kick to Miz by Jey Uso, Jey on top rope but punch blocked by Miz, Miz hung on top rope by Jimmy Uso, Shane climbs top rope and goes for Coast-to-Coast but Jimmy does splash at same time on Miz and Shane intercepts Jimmy taking him down. (holy S**t chant by crowd). All men down in the ring. Miz dad says climb to the top rope and goes for a frog splash and does but Jey gets his knees up and blocks it and rolls up Miz for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and still SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

Both men are in the ring and talking after the match and The Miz helps Shane in the corner and out the ring and Miz raises the hand of Shane McMahon, Shane does the same. Miz walks away, Shane raises hand of Miz Dad and then Shane runs and attacks The Miz from the back and takes him down and beats down on him and then rips his Cleveland shirt of him and wraps it around and punches him, kicks to The Miz, Shane goes to Miz’s dad and grabs him and says he deserves it and pushes him down and then punches and kicks Miz again, Shane hooks The Miz in an armbar on the floor in front of his dad and says that is your son. Shane walks way and referees come down and check on The Miz. Miz’s dad comes round to check on The Miz. The crowd are booing Shane McMahon. Referees help The Miz to his feet. We see highlights of Shane McMahon attacking The Miz.

We see a WrestleMania video from last year and we are 28 days from WrestleMania.

Backstage we see Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, Drew says we will break The Shield again. Lashley says this fight ends tonight, Drew says it will be a brutal dominant defeat tonight.

Tony Rome introduces Elias. Elias is in the ring with his guitar. Elias sings a song about the future as Miz got beat down by Shane McMahon and if you look like your dad then you won’t age well. Elias mocks Cleveland, says he will go to New York and hang out with Lebron James.

We see video package saying tomorrow night on Raw – Batista and Triple H go face-to-face.

We see from earlier tonight when Kofi Kingston summoned to see McMahon family about WWE Championship.

Womens Division Singles Match for SmackDown Womens Championship
Challenger: Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville Vs Champion: Asuka
Referee: Danilo Anfibio

Tie up between the two, Armbar takeover by Asuka on Mandy Rose, side head lock by Asuka, take down by Asuka, leg submission but Rose gets to the rope, shoulder takedown by Asuka, Sonya tries to get involved but kick and then Mandy brought in the ring take down, Ankle lock on Mandy Rose but Rose gets to the rope, Deville with distraction and then Rose with a vertical suplex for a two count. Abdominal stretch by Mandy Rose but Asuka escapes, Octopus submission by Asuka on Mandy Rose, Sonya looks under the ring for something, face plant by Mandy Rose for a two count. Asuka with chop to Mandy Rose, strikes to face, dropkick to Mandy Rose, chops and strikes to Mandy Rose and kick to face of Mandy Rose, hip attack in the corner, release German Suplex, knee to face of Rose, 2 count.

Asuka in control, kicks to Mandy, hip attack missed, dropkick to Asuka by Mandy Rose for a two, Mandy goes for face plant suplex but Asuka blocks it and drops Mandy Rose, elbow to Rose, Sonya brings out a kendo stick and leaves apron up and then Mandy accidentally trips and then kick by Asuka to Mandy Rose for the win to retain the title.

Winner via Pinfall and still SmackDown Womens Champion Asuka

After the match Sonya Deville tries to apologise but Mandy shrugs her off as they are walking away.

Backstage we see Kofi Kingston outside McMahon Family office, Big E and Xavier Woods appear and ask what is happening. Big E says we need to go in, they enter and Mr McMahon says I have been waiting, Big E says we have been waiting 11 years and your main event is waiting and you need to give Kofi his chance. Mr McMahon says okay it is now a Triple Threat Match and Xavier Woods and Big E are barred from ringside and that match is next.

Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship
Challenger: Kevin Owens Vs Challenger: Kofi Kingston Vs Champion: “The New” Daniel Bryan
Referee: Mike Chioda

Gregg Hamilton introduces Kofi Kingston, then is about to introduce next participant when tech tells Gregg Hamilton something else and Gregg Hamilton announces the WWE Championship match is later tonight and this is a Handicap Match

2 Vs 1 Handicap Match – The Bar don’t need to tag in and out during the match
Kofi Kingston Vs The Bar – Sheamus and Cesaro
Referee: Mike Chioda

The Bar double team Kofi Kingston and beat him down, Kofi tries to gain control but numbers advantage stop it, double Boston crab on Kingston, uppercut by Sheamus on Kingston, outside double team on Kofi, dropping him on ring apron, Bar bring Kofi back on the ring apron and double team him, Kofi sends Sheamus into the post, Kofi tosses Cesaro into the ring, Kofi climbs to the top knocks Sheamus of apron and is dropped with an uppercut. Cesaro and Sheamus double team with a clothesline of the top rope. Brogue kick by Sheamus. Cesaro pins him put picks up and stops count, then Big E and Xavier Woods come down but stopped by Rusev and Nakamura who nail Machka Kick and Kinshasha and meanwhile in the ring Double White Noise for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Bar – Sheamus and Cesaro

Charly Caruso interviews Sasha Banks and Bayley – They say these titles we work hard for and want to be greatest tag team champions of all time and we will defend against all brand challengers and that starts tonight with Nia Jax and Tamina.

Tony Rome introduces Elias

Elias sings about Kofi suffering same as The Miz, Elias mocks Cleveland as losers, Elias says his home team Steelers are the best.

Backstage Kayla Braxton interviews Shane McMahon about attack earlier tonight but Shane comes out says nothing and then re-enters his locker room and closes the door.

Raw action up next so Commentators are: Raw: Michael Cole & Renee Young & Corey Graves

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for Raw World Tag Team Championship
Rules: One member from each team in the ring at a time, win via pinfall or submission, champions need not be in decision to lose title.
Challengers: Ricochet & Aleister Black Vs Challengers: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable Vs Champions: The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
Referee: Ronnie Washington

Roode/Gable and Ricochet/Black send Revival out, then Ricochet does moonsault and lands on feet and then Black sit cross legged in ring. Match starts with Ricochet and Gable, dropkick by Ricochet, Wilder tags himself in, suplex by Dawson on Ricochet for a two count, takedown clothesline on Ricochet by Dawson, Dawson stomping on Ricochet. Wilder tagged in and Dawson drops Ricochet on Wilder knee for a two count. Ricochet kicks of Dawson, Gable tags himself in. arm bar by Gable on Ricochet. Dawson tags himself in and hangs Ricochet on top rope, side suplex to Ricochet (two count)

Ricochet escapes double team by Revival, trying to tag in Black, double knees takes down Dawson, Roode and Black tagged in and legal, Roode sent into Dawson, kicks to Gable and Dawson, moonsault by Black. spine buster by Roode on Black, Gable tagged in switch stop, Black with double knees, Gable knocks Ricochet of the apron, Wilder tagged in with Splash and then Shooting Star Press by Ricochet on Dawson for a two broken by Roode with a over hang drop. Ricochet sends Roode to the outside, Dawson tagged in, Wilder hung on top rope, Ricochet climbs top rope but Gable stops it, huricanrana by Ricochet on Dawson of top rope to the outside on top of everyone. Ricochet and Dawson in the ring, meanwhile Wilder sends Black into wall, then Ricochet with dive over the corner onto everyone, Rollup on Gable by Dawson for a two, reversed for a two, Shatter Machine on Chad Gable for the win and retain the title.

Winners via Pinfall and still Raw World Tag Team Champions The Revival – Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson

After match Glorious DDT on Dawson, Black Mass on Roode, Ricochet climbs to the top and nails 640 splash on Dash Wilder.

We see Charlotte Flair getting ready for her match, we see Becky Lynch limping on her crutch.

Fatal 4 Way Match for WWE United States Championship
Challenger: R-Truth w/Carmella Vs Challenger: Rey Mysterio Vs Challenger: Andrade w/Zelina Vega Vs Champion: Samoa Joe
Referee: Charles Robinson

Andrade goes after Rey and Samoa Joe goes after Truth, Joe with punch to Rey, then sends Rey outside and dive through middle rope onto all three. Joe with chops to Andrade and Rey Mysterio in corners, Truth tries to trip Joe but can’t then Mysterio takes advantage, Truth sends Joe into stairs, spinning clothesline by Truth on Andrade for a two, Rey with double takedown of the top rope, and then again with double head scissor takedown, Rey with kick to Truth then drops Truth and then Joe back in and takes out Rey Mysterio, head butts in the corner, punches to Truth in the corner, Coquida Clutch on Truth but Rey back in 619 attempt on Joe but countered but countered into a DDT by Rey Mysterio. Andrade takes out R-Truth and Joe, then Rey in the corner and Andrade and Rey climb in corner and Andrade in Electric Chair and Huricanrana by Rey Mysterio then a leg drop for a two count broken by Samoa Joe.

Joe with ensuguri kick in the corner to R-Truth, Samoa Joe catches Rey Mysterio, Missile Drop kick to Samoa Joe by Andrade, Andrade with snap suplex and then three amigos suplex third blocked by Rey into roll up, Gory Special Submission attempt by Andrade broken by R-Truth. Corner stumps in the corner by Truth to Rey Mysterio and Andrade, 3rd stopped by Joe who drops Truth on steps, Andrade climbs top rope and dives to the outside but stopped by Joe. Vega tries to attack R-Truth but Carmella stops and then Truth and Andrade seperate them meanwhile Uranagi on Rey Mysterio by Joe for a two broken up by R-Truth, shoulder block takedown by Truth on Andrade, R-Truth goes for 5 knuckle shuffle and connects with Joe, axe kick to Andrade by R-Truth – 2 count, senton by Joe, Joe sends Truth into corner post, 619 setup and nailed on Samoa Joe, Rey missed dive of top rope. Coquida Clutch hooked on Rey Mysterio by Samoa Joe for the win.

Winner via Submission and still WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe

Tony Rome introduces Guest Commentator WWE Hall of Famer “Glamazon” Beth Phoenix for Womens Tag Team Championship

Womens Division Tag Team Match for WWE Womens Tag Team Championship
Challengers: Nia Jax and Tamina Vs Champions: Hug N Boss Connection – Sasha Banks and Bayley
Referee: John Cone / Commentators: Raw: Michael Cole & Renee Young & Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Tony Rome does the official introductions. Tamina and Bayley start the match, Tamina with chop in corner, arm bar by Bayley, Sasha tagged in and Tamina sent into corner, then Nia tagged in, Bayley tagged in and Nia takes down Bayley for a two, Tamina in and clothesline to Bayley, two count, Nia Jax tagged, punches to Nia by Bayley, Tamina tagged back in. uppercut to Bayley, power bomb to Bayley by Tamina for a two count.

Arm lock by Tamina on Bayley in the middle of the ring, headbutt to Bayley by Tamina, Bayley sends Nia of apron, Nia hung on corner, Bayley tries to tag and does, Sasha with knee to Nia, cross body on Tamina, takedown by Sasha for a two, double knees in corner to Nia, Nia caught with a right hand, Nia drops Banks with a Samoan drop, Bayley sent out, Sasha in corner, Nia missed splash, Bayley tagged in, Tamina sent to outside, punch by Bayley to Nia, Tamina sent into post, Meteora by Banks on Tamina, Crossbody slam on Nia and Tamina by Sasha Banks, Bayley climbs to top and takes out everyone.

Nia sent back in the ring by Sasha Banks, Bayley with elbow of the top rope but Tamina pulls out Bayley, Bayley hangs Tamina across middle rope, Nia Jax with power bomb blocked into roll up by Bayley for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and still Womens Tag Team Champions Hug N Boss Connection – Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match Nia Jax and Bayley double team Bayley with a super kick and then send Sasha Banks over the announce table. Beth Phoenix goes to check on Sasha Banks and Tamina confronts her and they have a stare down and Tamina is taken down then Nia Jax and Tamina double team Beth Phoenix on the outside, take her into the ring and Nia Jax nails running leg drop. head butt to Beth Phoenix, Tamina goes for splash of top rope but Natalya makes the save but then Nia Jax and Tamina attack Natalya and Beth Phoenix till referees come and check on them.

SmackDown Commentators discuss upcoming WWE Championship match and how Kofi Kingston lost the opportunity thanks to Mr McMahon and being replaced by Kevin Owens. We see a VT covering the lead up to this match.

Gregg Hamilton does introduction and announces it as a Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship

Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship
Challenger: Kevin Owens Vs Challenger: Mustafa Ali Vs Champion: “New” Daniel Bryan
Referee: Mike Chioda

Daniel says neither deserve it, then Owens sends Bryan to the outside, Owens beating down on Ali into the corner, Ali with DDT on Owens for a two till broken up by Daniel Bryan. Kevin sends Bryan to the outside, then Ali takes down Owens and then Owens sends Ali to outside and nails Cannonballs on Daniel Bryan on the outside and then one to Mustafa Ali. Bryan takes down Owens with a knee to the gut.

Ali with wheel kick to Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan drop kicks Mustafa Ali of the top rope to the floor, Bryan stomps on Owens, Kicks to Owens in the corner by Daniel Bryan, Bryan with a arm bar stretch on Owens, Bryan steps on arm of Owens for a roll up two count, chop by Owens in the corner to Bryan, Bryan drops Owens, Ali back in the ring tossed out by Daniel Bryan, kicks to Owens by Bryan, kick to head by Bryan to Owens, pinfall broken by Ali, belly suplex by Bryan on Ali, kicks to chest of Ali by Bryan, face plant on Bryan by Ali from corner, chop to Bryan by Ali, short clothesline takes out Ali by Daniel Bryan, Bryan missed corner drop kick, corner cannon ball by Owens to both Ali and Bryan, then Owens drops Ali on Bryan with a Senton Bomb, Bryan being chopped in the corner by Owens, Bryan put on top rope and Owens climbs but Bryan counters, Electric chair position and Ali sent into Bryan in the corner. Owens out, Spanish Fly of top rope by Ali on Daniel Bryan to send him outside, 450 splash by Ali missed of the top rope, then a stunner on Ali for a two till broken up by Daniel Bryan.

Punches exchanged between Bryan and Owens, Owens with a pop out power bomb on Daniel Bryan for a two count. Daniel Bryan back body drops Kevin Owens on apron, Bryan goes after Ali but knee into post. Ali hangs Bryan on bottom rope, 450 splash onto Kevin Owens on the apron, Ali rolls but only a two count, Rowan pulls out Daniel Bryan, Super kick to Rowan by Ali and double kick to Rowan by Ali and Owens, Huricanrana by Ali sends Rowan into post, Kevin Owens dives over top rope onto Rowan, Bryan with knee drop of apron.Bryan climbs rope but stopped by Ali, Bryan pushes Ali of top rope but Ali lands on feet and then Ali nails DDT on Bryan of the top rope. Pop Up Powerbomb by Kevin Owens on Ali and then Rowan takes out Owens with a swing kick and sends him into timekeeper area and helps Bryan into the ring but only a two count.

Back in the ring, Bryan mocks Ali and punches him and slaps him saying you don’t deserve to be here, Ali climbs to the top rope and tries a move but Daniel Bryan nails a knee in the air and pins Mustafa Ali to retain title.

Winner via Pinfall and still WWE Champion “New” Daniel Bryan

After the match Rowan drops Mustafa Ali with the Claw drop.

Raw commentators talk about upcoming match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte and what could happen in WWE Womens Championship at WrestleMania, we see a video package.

Womens Division Singles Match – If Becky Lynch she is added to WWE Womens Championship at WrestleMania making it a Triple Threat Match
Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch
Referee: Charles Robinson

Becky Lynch comes to the ring on a crutch and bell rings and still has crutch, then throws the crutch out the ring, Charlotte humiliating Lynch mocking her limp, Charlotte about to hang Lynch in the corner but stops, Charlotte with kicks to injured knee of Lynch, Charlotte with slap to Lynch in the corner, Charlotte wraps knee in corner post, Lynch comes of mid rope with Lou Thez Press but struggling, Charlotte working on injured knee, 1/2 crab on injured knee. Becky reverses it and tries to kick out but Charlotte has it locked in.

Becky tosses Charlotte to outside, then Charlotte hangs bad knee on apron, Lynch taken down with a short spear. Leg twist back elbow to Lynch in the corner, chops to Lynch in the corner, Charlotte tries to knee smash in corner but Lynch escapes but Charlotte gains control with knee chop take down. Becky with a roll up but a two count. Flair throws Lynch across the ring. Flair does her strut, Flair tosses Lynch into security wall. Charlotte steps on face of Lynch and Charlotte climbs top rope and Becky pushes her off and she falls to the mat. Referee is counting and Charlotte makes it back in at 8, Lynch hooks Disarmer but Charlotte over powers her and Charlotte hooks her Figure 8 and Ronda Rousey runs in and leg drops Becky Lynch, Referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell ending the match in Disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification Becky Lynch, therefore Becky Lynch is going to WrestleMania making match a Triple Threat Match

Commentators inform us that WWE Intercontinental Championship will be on the line tomorrow night on Raw between Finn Balor defending against Bobby Lashley and the Face-to-Face between Batista and Triple H.

Tony Rome introduces Elias. Elias plays his guitar and says Lynch won makes her the man, but I am not a fan, 15 minutes are almost up, destined for failure, maybe she was born in Ohio, now time for main event reuniting of The Shield in main event unlike when the Browns come on the field. Elias says nobody should be interrupting me and Cleveland is worst place to host last PPV before WrestleMania and goodnight and I don’t love any of you. Music of Lacey Evans hits and she walks down to the ring and turns around and leaves. Out of nowhere comes Randy Orton and drops Elias with a RKO then AJ Styles appears and nails his Phenomenal Forearm of the top rope.

Commentators say Dean Ambrose isn’t signing again with WWE so this is final match as part of The Shield and the in-ring return of Roman Reigns after his battle to be in remission from leukaemia.

Six Man Tag Team Match
The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley
Referee: Chad Patton

All men stare down and bell rings and brawl begins with Shield clearing the ring. Lashley and Rollins start the match, knees to gut of Rollins in the corner, sling blade by Rollins on Lashley, Corbin tagged in, short drop on Corbin into corner post, Ambrose tagged in and elbow drops to Rollins, McIntyre and taken down by Ambrose, Rollins tagged in and running forearm, Reigns tagged in and takes down McIntyre and they clear the ring.

McIntyre and Reigns stare out each other, Drew with kick to gut of Reigns, Roman with back elbow to Drew, Rollins tagged in and double shoulder tackle and leg split on McIntyre, McIntyre with rib punch to Rollins, Lashley tagged in and sends Rollins into barricade twice, Lashley sends Rollins into their corner, Corbin tagged in and exchanges punches with Rollins, rear chin lock on Rollins by Corbin, Spinning ensuguri by Rollins to Corbin, McIntyre tagged in and stops Rollins tagging in, Ambrose tagged in and clothesline to McIntyre, McIntyre goes for scoop slam but no avail. Dean climbs to the top rope and jumps and lands on McIntyre. Corbin takes Ambrose of the apron. Spear by Lashley to Ambrose for a two, broken up by Reigns.

Outside double team by Corbin and Lashley sending Rollins into the crowd, meanwhile McIntyre drops Ambrose with a Claymore kick, referee is counting, Ambrose back in at 9 count, punches to Ambrose by McIntyre, Corbin tagged in and punch to Ambrose, Lashley tagged in and head to gut of Ambrose for a two count. Face plant drop by Lashley on Ambrose for a two count, vertical suplex on Ambrose by McIntyre for a two count. McIntyre goes for another suplex but reversed by Ambrose into a suplex himself, Lashley tagged in and goes for a suplex from the top rope but Ambrose escapes, neck-breaker by Ambrose McIntyre tagged in and vintage clothesline by Ambrose, Reigns tagged in and Corbin in, flying forearm to Corbin then boot to McIntyre and Lashley, Reigns with Drive-By on Corbin, two count broken by McIntyre, Rollins flies of top rope, Kick to Lashley and drop kick to Lashley by Ambrose, Rollins and Ambrose dive through rope for double suicide dives, Reigns sends McIntyre to the outside, then Reigns goes for dive countered into Deep 6 by Baron Corbin for a two count, Ambrose runs across announce desks and clothesline to Lashley.

Back in the ring punches by Corbin to Reigns, uppercut to Corbin, Corbin sends Reigns into corner post, Corbin nails chokeslam on Reigns meanwhile, Rollins/Lashley/McIntyre/Ambrose fighting in crowd and near kick off set. Lashley sends Rollins into tech cases, Back in the ring Corbin trying to suplex Reigns of the top rope, headbutt to Corbin, sit out power bomb by Reigns to Corbin, meanwhile near kick off area Lashley and McIntyre double team Ambrose and Rollins dives of the stage area onto Lashley and McIntyre, Back in the ring Roman Reigns goes for a superman punch countered, vintage attempt at clothesline countered with superman punch. Rollins and Ambrose back in ringside area, Lashley and McIntyre back and take down Rollins and Ambrose, Corbin drops Reigns with End of Days, Ambrose breaks pinfall, punches by Corbin to Ambrose and Reigns, Corbin and Co dismantle Spanish announce table and Raw table, McIntyre goes to Triple Power bomb Reigns but stopped by Ambrose and Rollins, Superman punches to Lashley and Corbin, spear to Lashley, 3-on-1 attack on Drew McIntyre.  The Shield Triple Powerbomb McIntyre through Spanish announce table. Shield are chatting and planning something, Shield surround the ring and Corbin is alone, Super kick to Corbin, Superman punch to Corbin, Dirty Deeds to Baron Corbin, Triple Powerbomb on Baron Corbin. Roman Reigns with the pinfall for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Shield – Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

The Shield hug in the ring as they show highlights of the ending of the match. The Shield do their fists in unity as WWE Fastlane finishes.


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