Marty Jannetty remembers King Kong Bundy

Mar 5, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

R.I.P. Chris, loves ya my brother…aka King Kong Bundy..

Been hella week..I came home(Columbus, Ga)for my sisters death, and while here, staying at my sister Dane’s house across the river on the Alabama side, 1st day here, we had 5 tornados touch down one so close I could hear it, person I was on phone with heard it, sounded like those N.Y. subway trains going by..I then find out it killed 20+ people and still a lot of people heart, loves and prayers go out to all their families..Im sorry, God messes up sometimes..

And friend Chris Pallies aka King Kong Bundy..heres how our friendship started..

We were called out to our photo ops with fans in the ring(back in the days of polaroid cameras) paid to have a photo with us, seperately..they called him out first to the ring..then me.. I came out and when I got up in the ring I saw him in one corner so I figured I would stop right there and give us space between for the fans , and then I hear this booming voice goes “no no no no Jannetty get your ass over to that corner don’t you stop right there where the fans got to see you first” I laughed, I did not even think of that and I smiled and said, “I’m sorry man I didn’t even think of that” and he smiled and said, “sure you didn’t Jannetty” he always called me Jannetty… but from that point on he was like a big brother to me.. he didn’t really hang around with anybody he always kept to himself.. everybody liked him it wasn’t like Ultimate Warrior, everybody liked him but he kept to himself.. for some reason he took a liking to me, and I liked him right back, and he would hang around with me and he was like a big brother in the business, he always looked out for me… I knew how to do stuff in the ring but he was teaching me the politics out of the ring… he’d always come tell me things I needed to know..he really wasn’t crazy about Shawn(HBK) even told me watch out for Shawn, he had bad alterior motives.. and hell, eventually it came true just like everything else he would tell me..

You always looked out for me Chris just like a brother, like my brother Geno does..and for that I loves you 4-ever my bruh..I hope my sister Pat was one of the first to welcome you HOME.

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