Comedian Ken Jeong Says John Cena ‘Absolutely Sucks’

Feb 20, 2019 - by James Walsh

Comedian Ken Jeong has a new standup special on Netflix called You Complete Me, Ho which is a tribute to his wife Tran, a ten-year cancer survivor. In it, he mentions his love of wrestling and brings up his time hosting RAW with Jeremy Piven back in 2009.

He said: “We were very, very different, okay? We were very different on the surface because she’s from San Francisco [California]. She’s uptown. She’s cosmopolitan, well-read, and she’s very, very cultured. Me? I’m a redneck from North Carolina who loves wrestling. She’s Vietnamese John Cena. But she doesn’t do this [you can’t see me gesture] f–king bulls–t. Do you know what I mean? I hosted WWE RAW with John Cena years ago. And WWE asked me to host it. They were like, ‘do you want to do this?’ I’m like, ‘yeah, I’m an actor – acting is fake; wrestling is fake; what could go wrong, right?’ And on the day of, John Cena lifts me up for a bodyslam, throws me over the top rope, and the five motherf–kers who were supposed to catch me didn’t! Wrestling is f–king real! He throws me over the top rope, I hit the concrete, my head hits the wooden plank. You can hear the sound of my head hitting the plank. I had to call Tran after RAW went off the air to assure her that I was okay. My whole point is John Cena absolutely sucks. He really does. I’m just saying.”

Piven previously called out Cena in 2009 for the bump in a Twitter post. He wrote at the time: “Hey Cena, take the torque off next time, Dr Ken is in bad shape so watch your back.”

When someone said calling out Cena might not be a good idea, he replied: “I have no fear of John Cena he looks like he swallowed matt damon and mark [Wahlberg].”

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