Coachman: “It has been an emotional year of transition”

Dec 17, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman wrote the following about his 2018:

“Today was the final show for me in 2018. It has been an emotional year of transition and believing in the process that I chose to take. This past week I was reminded that things in life can turn on a dime. The most giving man I have ever known was told without a heart transplant he would not live. On Thursday my father received a new heart and is now recovering and adjusting to what is hopefully another 30 years together. While I am thrilled that we received a heart we also have to show compassion for a family that had to experience loss for my family to keep a life going. This changes you and your perspective on life. I head into 2019 with a new found respect and appreciation for each day, each relationship, and each breath I have the privilege to take. I hope whoever reads this stops for a second when you want to be negative, mean, or feel sorry for yourself and instead chooses hope and positivity. Life is precious. God bless you all.”

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