WWE Rumored to Have ‘Something Big’ Planned to Improve Ratings in January

Dec 15, 2018 - by James Walsh

On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez claimed that he’s been told that WWE has a “master plan” to allegedly turn things around for the company in 2019. As previously reported, last Monday’s edition of Raw only drew approximately 2.194 million viewers, which was a record low viewership for the show.

According to Alvarez, there is a “belief within WWE” that they will be able to turn ratings around for the company again starting in January 2019. He added, “Something big is going to happen.” What that “big” event WWE has planned is still an absolute mystery.

You can read Alvarez’s comments from the show (courtesy of RingsideNews.com) below:

“For those of you who hate Raw, all I’m going to do is tell you that the belief within WWE is that — take this for what it’s worth — they believe it is all turning around in January. Apparently, they have some sort of idea and they think it’s all turning around in January and that the ratings in January are going to be good again. The show is going to be better and something big is going to happen.”

“Of course, everybody is going to be speculating all sorts of crazy things. Young Bucks, this, that. Don’t get your hopes up, everybody.”

“I don’t know what they’re thinking, but they seem to believe that in January, this thing’s turning around.”

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