WWE Starrcade 2018 Recap: Eight-Woman Tag; Miz/Nakamura vs. Mysterio/Rusev; Joe vs. Styles in a Cage

Nov 25, 2018 - by Michael Riba

Starrcade opens with a concert from Elias. He introduces his special guest, Ric Flair. Flair says he is honored to be with Elias, and Elias is just about to begin singing but they are interrupted by Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox. Jax says they all want to walk with Elias and Elias says they should all sing together. Elias starts singing, then Flair joins him. Jax interrupts and sings herself, and Elias stops the concert. Elias tells Jax to shut her mouth and brings out Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, and Ember Moon.

Match #1 – Eight-Woman Tag Team Match: Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and Tamina vs. Bayley, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks
Moon and James start the match and Moon gains control of her team. She takes James to the mat and tags in Brooke. Brooke keeps control and slams James to the mat, and then Bayley tags in. Tamina tags in as well and Bayley connects with forearm shots. Tamina comes back with a right hand and then smashes Bayley in the corner. Tamina puts Bayley on the apron, but Bayley drapes Tamina over the middle rope. Jax tags in and she and Tamina double-shoulder tackle Bayley. Jax goes for the cover, but Bayley kicks out at two. James tags back in and she kicks Bayley in the face in the corner. Fox tags in now and applies a rear chin-lock on the mat. Bayley fights back, but Fox takes her to the corner and Jax tags in. Jax applies a rear chin-lock down on the mat and then slams Bayley down. Jax sends Brooke and Moon to the floor, but Bayley fights back.
Fox and Banks tag in and Banks drops her with a few clotheslines. Banks delivers double knees in the corner and goes for the cover, but Tamina breaks it up. Moon drops Tamina with the Eclipse, Brooke takes out James, and Jax takes out Brooke. Bayley delivers an elbow to Jax and Banks locks Fox in the Bank Statement and Fox taps out.
Winners: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Ember Moon

We see a promo from Samoa Joe. He says perhaps his actions are a little insane because he has gone after AJ Styles over and over again. Joe says he is not the insane one, but Styles is. Joe says he has always walked out whole, but Styles has lost pieces each time they have fought. Joe says the definition of insanity is stepping into a cage with him and expecting to walk out.

The Miz in in the ring for MizTV, and his guests are the WWE United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio comes out wearing a neck brace. Miz asks Mysterio why he is here and not healing up at home. Mysterio says some of the guys he looked up to competed at Starrcade an he wants to do the same, and it starts tonight by becoming the United States Champion. Miz asks Nakamura if he is going to take that. Nakamura says he doesn’t care about Starrcade and doesn’t care about Mysterio. Miz agrees with him and Mysterio tells Miz to shut up. Miz says Mysterio cost Team Smackdown the victory at Survivor Series, but Mysterio says Miz was the team captain and also got beat. Mysterio gets face-to-face with Nakamura and challenges him. Miz interrupts, but Nakamura attacks Mysterio from behind and beats him down. A referee rushes the ring and Miz leaves.

Match #2 – WWE United States Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Nakamura slams Mysterio face-first into the mat and sets up for the Kinshasa, but Mysterio counters into a roll-up for two. Nakamura drops Mysterio with a left hand and then puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle. Nakamura delivers a running knee, but Mysterio comes back and sends Nakamura to the floor. Mysterio takes Miz out with a seated senton and then Nakmaura sends him back into the ring. Mysterio takes advantage an drops Nakamura with a seated senton as well. Nakamura comes back with an elbow, but Mysterio kicks him into the ropes. Miz trips up Mysterio and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner via disqualification: Rey Mysterio
-After the match, Rusev’s music hits and he saves Mysterio from a beat down by Miz and Nakamura. Lana challenged Nakamura and Miz to a tag team match.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio and Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and The Miz
The referee calls for the bell and Miz and Nakamura walk away, but Mysterio and Rusev attack them and toss them back into the ring. Rusev stomps away on Miz in the corner and then he and Mysterio slam Miz and Nakamura into each other. Mysterio delivers a dropkick to Nakamura and Rusev sends Miz into the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 6-1-9, but Nakamura trips him up. Nakamura delivers Bad Vibrations to Mysterio in the corner and then applies a front face-lock. Miz tags in and kicks Mysterio in the midsection. Miz and Nakamura double-team Mysterio and slam him to the mat as Nakamura tags back in. Miz beats down Mysterio on the outside as the referee deals with Nakamura. Nakamura goes for a cover, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Nakamura applies another front face-lock, but Mysterio comes back with a kick to the face.
Mysterio delivers an enzuiguri and tags in Rusev. Miz tags in as well and Rusev drops him with a few clotheslines. Rusev smashes Miz in the corner and then delivers a spin kick. Rusev goes for the Machka Kick, but Miz counters. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Rusev counters with a kick to the face. Rusev goes for the cover, but Miz kicks out at two. Rusev goes for the Accolade, but Nakamura gets on the apron. Miz drops Rusev with the Skull Crushing Finale and goes for the cover, but Mysterio breaks it up. Mysterio sends Miz into Nakamura and delivers a double 6-1-9 to both men. Rusev delivers the Machka Kick to Miz and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Rusev and Rey Mysterio

Match #4 – Steel Cage Match: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe
Joe backs Styles into the corner and quick right hands, but Styles fights back with rights of his own. Styles tries to slam Joe into the cage, but Joe blocks it. Styles delivers a chop, but Joe comes back with a chop of his own that sends Styles to the mat. Joe delivers a knee to the midsection and runs the ropes, but Styles counters with a dropkick. Styles drives Joe into the corner and drives his shoulder into his midsection. Styles tosses Joe across the ring and delivers an elbow shot to the neck. Styles kicks Joe in the chest and goes for a suplex, but Joe counters and slams Styles to the mat. Joe slams Styles into the cage a few times and then smashes him against it with a hip attack. Joe drops Styles with a clothesline and then connects with a knee drop. Joe goes for the cover, but Styles kicks out at two.
Joe grinds Styles’s face into the cage and then smashes him in the corner. Joe delivers an enzuiguri and then slams Styles into the cage again. Joe charges and tries to dive into Styles, but Styles moves and Joe crashes into the cage. Styles drops Joe with a clothesline and then delivers a forearm shot. Styles delivers an elbow shot and then connects with a moonsault. Styles goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Styles begins climbing, but Joe cuts him off. Styles kicks Joe in the face and then goes for the Phenomenal Foream. Joe catches him and delivers an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Joe and Styles brawl in the corner and then Styles connects with a tornado DDT. Joe comes back and sends Styles into the cage. Joe delivers a kick to the face and a senton. Joe goes for the cover, but Styles kicks out at two.
Joe sets up for the Muscle Buster, but Styles fights him off and chop blocks Joe’s knee. Styles kicks Joe in the back of the leg. Styles charges, but Joe slams him down to the mat. Joe goes after Styles, but Styles locks him in the Calf Crusher and Joe taps out.
Winner: AJ Styles

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