Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts On How Easy It Was To Get Drugs In The WWE Locker Room

Nov 25, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently talked to the Joe Rogan Experience where he discussed just how easy it was to obtain drugs back in the day and an ingenious way to make sure he had even more drugs from his coworkers who needed help getting their medication across the border.

“I can’t say that they ‘helped me’ but I will tell you this. What they would do is, we would get booked in Hershey Pennsylvania, now when somebody me this story at first I thought, ‘This is an old wives tale because sh*t like that don’t really happen.’ You get there in town in Hershey. you get to the locker room and all of a sudden somebody says. ‘They need to see you in locker room 3.’ — ‘What the f*ck did I do?’”

“I go in there and there was this doctor there and he’s have suitcases here, boxes over here, suitcases over there, boxes there — ‘Whaddya need, kid?’ — ‘Excuse me?’ — ‘Whaddya need? Up, down, what?’”
“I’d be like, ‘Oh Halcion those look good how many can I have?’ — ‘300, done.’”

“Steroids — ‘Absolutely, whaddya got?’ I’ll take that, and I’ll take that, I’ll take that. It was like grocery shopping. It used to be funny because the guys would always be like, ‘Hey Jake, will you carry my sh*t for me?’ We’d be going to Canada and I’m be like, ‘Sure, it’s gonna cost you a percentage of your sh*t — give me 10% of what you got I’ll carry it across the border for you.’”

“So I got 10 guys I’m holding their sh*t, where am I hiding it? IN THE SNAKE BAG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!’ You put in the bottom of the snake bag and they go to check it I say, ‘You go right ahead brother, but I’m telling you right now… I’m moving back cause that motherf**ker is pissed — he hasn’t eaten in 3 weeks and if he bites you well, when he bites you try to hold still because if you jerk it’s going to rip your flesh.’”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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