Stephanie McMahon and Chyna Got Along Even After the Love Affair was Known

Nov 4, 2018 - by James Walsh

In the latest edition of his Something To Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard said that Chyna and Stephanie McMahon had a good relationship behind-the-scenes in WWE. Triple H previously dated Chyna in the late 90s, but reportedly broke up with her for Stephanie McMahon, who he married in 2003. Here are highlights:

On Stephanie McMahon trying to help Chyna: “It was great, and here’s the other thing that again people always get astounded at. On the writing team the biggest proponent and biggest cheerleader for Chyna in the room at all times was Stephanie McMahon. She was always honest about getting something bigger for Chyna, having more ideas for Chyna, we have to keep her in the top role. This was before anyone knew anything. Again, I didn’t know how long they were together at that time, nobody knew. We were doing the Playboy thing [in Nov. 2000] and [Stephanie] was like, ‘we have to get more ideas for Chyna, we have to get her featured more.’ She was her biggest cheerleader.”

On if that ever changed: “It never did change until Chyna walked out, and I am talking about the weekend before the big meeting with Chyna and Vince McMahon. It didn’t change. [Stephanie] was like, ‘you gotta make this work. We have to come up with something for her.’ It was weird; it never changed.”

The “big meeting” Prichard referred to was explained by Chyna herself in 2011, when talking about her eventual departure from the company in May 2001.

She said at the time: “After I found the letter I called Vince. He said, ‘Okay, I’ll see you on Monday,’ and when I walked into the building it was like the parting of the Red Sea. It was like everybody was against Paulie. Bob Holly was standing around me, Billy was standing around me – it was just crazy. Then I actually was going into the bathroom stall of the ladies room because I couldn’t stop crying and Vince was going to talk to me. He said, ‘Are you ready to talk Chyna?’ Then Stephanie stepped up. She took me into the room, we talked, and she goes, ‘Well, I love him. He’s my man. I’m sorry if you feel that way…’ and I shut her up. I said, ‘Shut up. Call your dad in here because I’m going to choke you out.’ ‘If you really feel that way, take control of yourself,’ then Vince came in and said, ‘Let’s do a new contract. I know this is tough for you but it’s going to be okay.’”

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