10/29/18 Raw Results

Oct 29, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

Raw kicks of with highlights from last week of Roman Reigns making his announcement about his re-diagnosis of leukemia.

When we go live Jojo introduces Acting GM Baron Corbin who is in the ring holding the WWE Universal Championship, Baron says last week announcement was an emotional moment for me in my career, Baron says he hopes Roman Reigns gets better, and when he returns to hope he doesn’t come back to Raw, he made my life difficult when he was on Raw.

Music of Brock Lesnar hits and out he comes with Paul Heyman, Baron introduces Brock Lesnar but then Paul Heyman stops him and does his usual introduction as advocate for Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman says in 3 days Brock Lesnar wins back the title and takes it and put it over his shoulder. Brock Lesnar will beat Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel, Paul says I am giving you a heads up and how often do you know a fact is going to happen, history will happen, This Friday it comes to head when Brock Lesnar F5’s Strowman to become the New WWE Universal Champion.

Music of Braun Strowman hits and he comes out he will become the new WWE Universal Champion at Crown Jewel because you are going to get these hands, Baron Corbin stands in between them, then Baron is tossed aside, then Corbin attacks Strowman but Strowman powerslams him, Brock picks up the belt and Strowman then power slams Baron Corbin again. Brock stands behind Strowman and then drops him with a F5, Brock raises the belt as his music hits.

Commentators go through reason for Braun Strowman Vs Brock Lesnar, We then see highlights of Dean Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins and attacking him, dropping him with Dirty Deeds on the exposed mat.

Tonight we hear from Dean Ambrose after Seth Rollins demands answers.

We are informed DX and Brothers of Destruction are here tonight.

10 Women Tag Team Match here later tonight.

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Match 1: Singles Match: Finn Balor Vs Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush

Lio Rush comes out and mocks Balor, Rush says your win was a fluke, Rush says you are over confident, Rush then mocks the area where Raw is, Lio introduces Bobby Lashley.

Lashley is in control of Balor as the match starts, (Rush is on the mic chanting Lashley), Balor kicks Lashley out the ring then a suicide dive to Lashley as we go to a commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return Lashley has regained control of Balor, Lashley is in control (Rush is on the mic hyping Lashley). Finn in control but for not long before an attempted powerbomb by Lashley, two foot stomp by Balor. Step out power slam on Balor for a 2 count, Lashley hooks the vertical suplex but breaks out and nails a sling blade, running dropkick in the corner, Lio tries to get involved, Rush shoves Balor of the top rope but Balor lands on his feet, then Balor goes to opposite side for Coup De Gras, but Lio Rush pushes him of the top rope leading to a disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification: Finn Balor

After the match, Lashley rams Balor into the ring apron, then the barricade wall, then puts him back in the ring, Balor is held in full nelson hold and Rush mocks him, then Lio slaps Balor, Lashley picks him up and Rush slaps Balor.

When we return Raw will show highlights from last night’s WWE Evolution PPV.

We get a promo for WrestleMania and tickets available November 16, 2018

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When we return; Backstage Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley see Baron Corbin in the trainers room, Baron tells Lashley you solved the Balor problem and you will be participating in the 8 Man Tournament at Crown Jewel, Bobby asks who he is replacing, Baron Corbin says John Cena. Lashley and Rush are happy and the leave.

We are informed at Survivor Series it will be Champion Vs Champion as Raw Womens Champion Ronda Rousey Vs SmackDown Womens Champion Becky Lynch.

We then see a exclusive interview when they confronted each other at the close of WWE Evolution last night.

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10 Women Tag Team Match: Trish Stratus, Lita, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley Vs The Riott Squad – Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan, Mickie James and Alicia Fox w/Alexa Bliss

Match starts with Stratus and Logan, Stratus in control, Liv Morgan tagged in, Lita tagged in and does homage to Team Extreme with a clothesline in the corner, DDT to Morgan, Lita goes for a Litasault but Riott Squad pull out Morgan, double baseball dropkicks to Riott Squad by Banks and Bayley.

-Commercial break-

When we return Sasha in charge of Alicia Fox, Trish tagged in and double elbow drop, Sasha goes for a dropkick and Mickie tries to trip her up allowing Fox to take advantage, Mickie tagged in and in control of Sasha with a headlock, Mickie stops Sasha from tagging in, Sarah Logan tagged in, Logan drives Sasha into her corner, Riott tagged in, distracts referee whilst 4 in corner beat down on Sasha Banks, Riott with a cheapshot to Lita, then mocks Trish Stratus, Ruby runs into Logan and Morgan, Fox takes down Lita and Bayley, Natalya tagged in fan and nails running dropkick for a two count, Trish DDT on Mickie James, then leaping dive on Fox by Sasha Banks, double DDT by Lita and Bayley on Logan and Morgan, then a moonsault on Liv Morgan, Hart Attack on Alicia for a two count. Natalya hooks a sharpshooter on Alicia Fox for the win.

Winners via Submission Trish Stratus, Lita, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley

We see highlights of Womens Battle Royal at WWE Evolution which was won by Nia Jax finally eliminating Ember Moon.

Backstage Kayla Braxton interviews Nia Jax. Kayla congratulates Nia, Nia says when Ronda makes Becky tap out I’ll be waiting, Kayla then interviews Ember about having  5 eliminations, Ember thanks Nia for her guidance, Ember says I want to challenge Nia for a match tonight, Nia accepts the challenge and says I will beat you again.

We see highlights again of Dean Ambrose attacking Seth Rollins.

Commentators show us highlights of what happened at Super Showdown that leads to DX Vs Brothers of Destruction at WWE Crown Jewel. Both teams are here tonight

We walk with Elias next.

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When we return Jojo introduces Elias who is in the ring. Elias plays on his guitar and then says everything I say takes you to the promised land and WWE will be held on my shoulders because WWE stands for Walk With Elias, Ric Flair wants to hang round with Elias, invited me around and says he is impressed what I did last week to Baron Corbin. We see highlights of Elias smashing guitar over the back of Baron Corbin. Elias says it pained me to break my guitar but it felt good, Elias says I wrote a song for Baron Corbin and since he can’t be here to listen to it, I’ll take it to him, Elias walks backstage.

We see Baron Corbin walking and Dana Brooke and she asks for a song to be written and he says no, Elias walks to Baron’s locker room and says his normal thing then starts singing a song mocking Baron Corbin, saying he is now Stephanie’s B****. We then see Jinder Mahal ambush Elias and beat him down and out comes Baron Corbin and says get ready for your encore as your match against Jinder Mahal is next.

-Commercial break-

Singles Match: Jinder Mahal Vs Elias

When we return both men are in the ring and the match is on. Elias in control of Mahal till a side slam by Mahal to take control, then a kick to Elias, Jinder in control. Elias regains control and picks up the win with Drift Away.

Winner via Pinfall Elias

We see highlights of the opening of Raw between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin.

We will see highlights of the career of Kurt Angle.

-Commercial break-

The brackets are announced for WWE Crown Jewel – Seth Rollins Vs Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle Vs Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Orton, The Miz Vs Randy Orton.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match – The Ascension – Konnor and Viktor Vs Chad Gable & “Glorious” Bobby Roode Vs The Authors of Pain – Akam and Rezar w/Drake Maverick

Ascension/Roode/Gable attack Authors of Pain before the bell rings

-Commercial break-

When we return match is underway and Akam and Gable in action, Konnor tags himself in, Gable dropkicks Konnor into Akam, Swinging DDT on Viktor by Bobby Roode for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Chad Gable and “Glorious” Bobby Roode

After the match AOP attack Konnor, Viktor, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode with Drake Maverick orchestrating it, Super Collider on Roode and Gable.

We see people from Children’s Health Hospital passing on their support to Roman Reigns. #WEGOTTHISROMAN. Roman chant fills the arena.

We then see highlights of Dean Ambrose attacking Seth Rollins after winning Raw World Tag Team Championship.

We will hear from Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins next

-Commercial break-

When we return out comes 1/2 of Raw World Tag Team Champions and WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. Seth says what a week it has been, roller coaster of emotions to say the least, all the support you have sent out to Roman Reigns and I thank you for it. (Thank you Roman chant fills arena) Last week I became a 3 x Raw World Tag Team Champion, but am feeling less sad and should be celebrating with my friend and brother Dean Ambrose and he turned his back on me and the rest of us, if being honest that makes me feel guilty, maybe it was my fault and what I did 4 years ago, Dean couldn’t forgive. I feel frustrated and confused and only person who has the answers is Dean Ambrose and if he doesn’t want to be found he won’t be. I am asking you as a friend and brother to come out and tell us why, come and have it. Music of Dean Ambrose hits, but he doesn’t come out, then he appears in the crowd at the top of the stairs, Seth says this week you mock The Shield, come down to the ring and face me like a man, when I stabbed you in the back I faced you and told you now you do the same, (You sold out chant fills arena) Seth says you are really a cold hearted bastard, most emotional night you spat on The Shield and you made it all about you, want the spotlight and I will have my eyes on you and make your life a living hell, maybe you are a soulless lunatic. Seth says you stay up there and I will come up there and beat the hell out of you. Dean Ambrose leaves. Rollins isn’t happy.

Backstage: We see Charly Caruso interview Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush about entered into the Crown Jewel tournament. Rush speaks the career of Bobby Lashley, Lashley looks and smells like money and everything he does is money and he will leave Crown Jewel as the best in the world.

Commentators talk about the match between The Brothers of Destruction and DX.

We see video package leading up to this feud. All 4 men in this match are here tonight.

Commercial break-

Womens Division Singles Match: Nia Jax Vs Ember Moon

Ember with a quick attack to try and gain control, Nia picks up Ember of the top rope and tries a Samoan Drop but to no avail. Nia steps on Ember for a two count, short clothesline to Ember, bear hug by Nia Jax, Ember escapes but is tossed across the ring, Nia goes for running move but Ember moves and Nia into the ring posts, Rolling bomb off the top rope by Ember on Nia, During the match music of Tamina hits and Nia picks up the win with her running legdrop.

Winner via Pinfall Nia Jax

After the match Tamina and Nia have a stare down and then Tamina leaves the ring.

Still to come we hear from D-X and The Brothers of Destruction.

Up next the Raw debut of The Lucha House Party.

Tag Team Match: The Lucha House Party – Kalisto and Lince Dorado w/Gran Metalik Vs The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Lucha House Party pick up the win when Kalisto nails Salido Del Sol on Dash Wilder for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Lucha House Party – Kalisto and Lince Dorado

Up next we hear from Dolph Ziggler about the WWE Crown Jewel tournament.

-Commercial break-

Dolph says I will win the Crown Jewel. Drew McIntyre says I am interested in the WWE Universal Championship match, Dolph says the winner could have a Claymore kick in their future. Dolph talks about the accolades of Kurt Angle, I am going to win and will demonstrate my abilities to show why I am best in this business.

-Commercial break-

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler w/Drew McIntyre Vs Apollo Crews

Dolph in control till a drop kick and press slam by Apollo Crews followed by a reverse moonsault, Apollo goes for a splash of the top rope but caught with the knees and the a Zig Zag for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Dolph Ziggler

We see a video from The Undertaker and Kane at a burial site shovelling cement onto their tombstones.

D-X and Brothers of Destruction next.

-Commercial break-

Music of Kane hits, followed by the music and lights out for The Undertaker. Lights go down and The Undertaker says it is not easy to say goodbye to when it ends, it is your time to go, Kane says In the distance they can hear you whisper and it gets loud and become a deafening cry, Undertaker says at Crown Jewel will take the beaten souls of DX to the fiery gates of hell, it won’t be swift but slow agonising pain, and it will be the end of era. Kane says Triple H and Shawn Michaels are being summarized to the ring now. Undertaker says we are here to take your souls so you never can Rest In Peace. Music of DX hits and Triple H comes out but Not Shawn Michaels but back in the ring Kane leaves and Shawn Michaels nails Sweet Chin Music on The Undertaker, and then Shawn leaves the ring and Undertaker sits up and DX are being stared down by The Brothers of Destruction as Raw ends.


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