Fallah Bahh talks Long 13 Year Journey to Finally Get Noticed, Impact Title Aspirations, more

Oct 23, 2018 - by James Walsh

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Fallah Bahh
Date: 10/23/18
Your Host: James Walsh


If you’ve been watching Impact Wrestling over the past year and a half, one of the freshest faces and most intriguing acts to come along has been Falah Bahh. With a look that has obvious influences from wrestling great Yokozuna but a fun vocabulary of varying emotions of “Bahh” and, of course, “NO, No, No!”, it is virtually impossible to denjy Bahh’s charisma and growing popularity.

Now, for perhaps the first time ever, go behind the persona as the New Jersey born Impact star explains his inspiration behind the character, the long 13 year road to notoriety, his kinship with KM, their recent dealings with Scarlett Bourdeaux, his Impact Wrestling championship aspirtations, and even a little bit about Homecoming as Impact Wrestling returns to its roots in January to the Asylum, the sight of the majority of their legendary Wednesday night pay per views that served as the foundation of the company from 2002 to 2004.

This is a really strong interview with an Impact Wrestling rising star! Don’t forget to catch Impact Wrestling as it goes After Dark on POP TV starting this Thursday, October 25th at 10 p.m. and every Thursday after that going forward.

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On his lofe of the late 80’s early 90’s wrestling scene:
“I am a mixture of a lot of the characters in that era. A lot of the look is Yokozuna. A lot of the moves and mannerisms are taken from Yokozuna. I’ve studied his look, his body, and I’ve taken a lot from that. But, I’ve also studied the Islanders. I’ve also studied Kamala. I was really into the characters that communicated or got a connection with the crowd without saying words.”


On being inspired by Street Fighter’s Honda Character:
“Oh yeah. This is entertainment, right? So, you need to get your inspiration from other forms of entertainment. When I was a kid, it was either wrestling, video games, or Street Fighter!”


On how he and tag partner KM became friends in real life:
“My good friend! Honestly, we’ve known each other a long time. We’ve wrestled a lot at a local promotion called Wrestle Pro. We’ve been wrestling there for years. I’ve known him from before Wrestle Pro. So, it came natural when we started doing stuff together as a team. Interacting – DOing stuff in the match, we’ve got a lot of chemistry, a lot of stuff of us having fun is the stuff we were doing in the locker rooms! Us having fun? It is not too far from the stuff you’re seeing on television!”


On working with Scarlett Bourdeaux:
“It was great! (laughs) The view is awesome from where I was. So, it was great!”


On his World Title match against Austin Aries on a recent Impact:
“It was a blessing. Thinking back on it now, it is still surreal. Getting into this business, you strive for that match against the World Champin. I’ve been wrestling for 13 years. I didn’t get any real exposure until the last year, maybe year and a half. That is like 10 to 12 years wrestling without really seeing a future. The fact that it came out of nowhere and I had the opportunity to prove myself… That is a blessing. It has inspired me because I got that little taste but I want that meal I don’t want this to peak. I’m inspired to not let that be the last time.”


On the Bound for Glory main event between Johnny Impact and Austin Aries:
“I don’t want to say too much about it because that’s on the two guys involved to say what they want to say. It was uncomfortable… Definitely uncomfortable. And, Johnny Impact is our champion now. That’s all I really have to say.”


On advice trainer Kevin Knight (IWF) gave him that has stuck with him:
“Stand out. Be different. The squaky wheel gets the oil. If you are different and you stand out, there is always going to be a need for you.”


On the goal of tag gold with KM:
“I’m hoping for it. I’m definitely aiming for it. Like, I want the whole meal! I want to see how far me and KM go. That’s a real friendship, you know what I mean? For us to go all the way and get tag titles, that would be amazing! That means the world to me.”


On the current direction of Impact Wrestling:
“Im so excited. I just remember back in the day when I first got here, a lot of people were saying this place wasn’t going to last too long. Now, people are tuning in. People are changing their minds. That is an awesome feeling. It is an awesome feeling to see a company grow. Yeah, I’m not the biggest dog there, right? But, I’m there!”


On if he watched Impact back in the Asylum years:
“Yes. All right, I’m from Newark… I’m from Bloomfield, near Newark. And, I’m being very hesitant how I say this. Where I come from, a lot of people had the black box! (laughs) I didn’t have one but my friend did. Thats my mark friend, that’s my wrestling friend. We spoke about ECW, we spoke about RAW.” He continues, “The match with (Low) Ki and Red changed my whole view of wrestling.


On getting to work in the Asylum for the Homecoming PPV this January:
“It is insane! It is incredible to see this go full circle! I was in high school…. You know what I mean? Now, it reminds me, I’m following my dream.”

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