How Vince McMahon feels about Asuka

Oct 11, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Scherer of PWInsiderElite commented on Asuka losing her main event push in recent months and if there are creative opportunities for her right now. Here is what Scherer said courtesy of

“Oh there’s tons for her right now, he [Vince McMahon] just doesn’t want to — she doesn’t speak good English, I mean say what you want but that’s the bottom line.

If she spoke good English I think she would be getting more. He wants you to be able to cut promos and she Can’t.”

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  1. bumbolee says:

    “If she spoke good English…..”

    You mean, “If she spoke English well……”

    Sounds like Asuka isn’t the only one that doesn’t speak good English. LOL

  2. Mike says:

    If only there was someone who could speak for her ( any anyone else ) that could let her just worry about wrestling. We could call those people …….. Managers.

  3. @Mike – Holy crap! That might be the greatest idea of all time!!!!

    If they turn her heel, just pair her with Miz. He makes her look like a million bucks on Mixed Match Challenge. Or just anyone that’s good at promos. Zelina Vega literally saved Cien Almas’s career because he can’t do good English promos.

  4. Logical_Thinker says:

    Oh yes..Who didn’t see this one coming form a mile away? Triple H’s worst nightmare (he probably knew it too when she got called up). One of his solid NXT performers reduced to Vince’s limbo bin. Not only VKM also his buck tooth xenophobe bozo he employs feels the same way. I’m surprise Becky got a push since she “has an accent”. The same way The Revival is being booked. That dreaded “accent” again. By all means VKM keep pushing your “top face” dullard who can’t get the face pops and the natural heel princess who works better in that fashion. Round peg, square hole.

  5. Pisto75666 says:

    Wow….didn’t see that coming at all *sarcasm*

    Wait a second though, don’t they teach promo work down in NXT? You’d think someone would’ve prepared her before she got brought up to the main roster.

  6. dave says:

    You can see why HHH kept her in NXT for so long, although…Nakamura had similar issues but he’s bedded in with the US Title and they even made a bit with his language barrier.

    I do doubt the validity of this story, though. I can see a heel turn for her eventually and a feud with Naomi which would be a great rebooting point for her. Given the recent resurgence of manager’s I’m shocked she hasn’t been paired with someone.

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