Sting On What His Feud With Undertaker May Have Looked Like

Sep 30, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Sting On What His Feud With Undertaker May Have Looked Like and if he Blames Seth Rollins for ending his Career

On a feud with The Undertaker: “It’s a dream match for sure with wrestling fans all over the world and it was a dream match for me too. I never heard Undertaker reciprocate that once, so I’m not sure how he feels about it exactly. I always wanted to have one match with him and by the time I got my foot in the door with WWE and did my first WrestleMania I still had hopes that somehow or another I could end up doing – and I wanted it to be my very last match against Undertaker, to go out like that. I think probably there was potential for it to happen and then I got hurt. I had so many idea that developed over a couple of decades based on his character and my character and some of the ideas I had in my head, someday somebody’s gonna do cool stuff like that with characters that are similar and it all has to do with slight of hand and special effects and holograms and oh man, I had some ideas that would have rocked everybody. It would have matched his character and mine. I believe it would have left people with their jaws open and they would have been very entertained. Let’s just say disappearing acts. You remember years ago with the whole Sting thing with all the portals in the arenas? You’d see Sting come out of the portal over there on the north side of the arena. No, there he is on the east. No there’s another one. There were a whole bunch of Stings, you know? This kind of stuff; but, possibly with the real Sting at one point where it’s most definitely me. Let’s just say disappearing acts. That’s all I want to say.”

On if he blames Seth Rollins for his injury: “It was just a freak accident. I’m telling you, Seth, it is not his fault. I mean not even the slightest percentage of anything. It was without question, it was me. To this day I can not figure out what the heck I was thinking. My neck I whip lashed back really bad two times in a row. The first one caused the shock to go all the way down both arms, left and right, all the way down to my fingertips. It felt like my fingertips were stung by bees. The second one, I mean, I got up to my feet and we were trying to continue the match and my legs started to feel like rubber bands and I realized I don’t have control over my legs. I’m afraid that if I start running the ropes right now, I’m gonna blow my knee out, break a bone, tear everything up ’cause I didn’t have any control, so I went down to all fours. I tried to figure out what the heck is going on; but, it wasn’t his fault. He did nothing. Period, just end of story. No fault whatsoever. What do I have to say about Seth? He dressed up like me for Halloween. I’m flattered. I have bragging rights. This was my last match against one of the greatest, really. He’s gonna go down as one of the greatest wrestlers. He is extremely talented in the ring and very easy. He’s just a pleasure to work with in every way and so accommodating, so respectful. He just wanted to make it right and so did I. To say that I had my last match with WWE for the World Title against Seth Rollins, I’m bragging. This is good. I’m glad I can say that I went out like that.”

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