Matt Riddle set to report to the Performance Center

Aug 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Before reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, newest signee Matt Riddle stopped in to say thanks to the men who helped make his wrestling career a success.

New Jersey-based wrestling school The Monster Factory tweeted a pic of the “King of Bros” posing with his coaches. They include Blue Meanie, Danny Cage, Punishment Martinez, Bill Wiles and Q.T. Marshall (who isn’t pictured).

Riddle started training at the end of 2014. His trainers immediately realized his potential and pointed out what he needed to improve.

“The only problem he’s had really is that he has to realize that sometimes the best lessons learned in wrestling aren’t always learned in the ring,” Monster Factory owner Danny Cage told in 2014. “He’s used to MMA, so he always wants to go go go (in the ring and in training). But promos and psychology are part of pro wrestling.”

Matt Riddle is set to debut September 4th.


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