Uber driver tells all about his experience with Brock Lesnar

Aug 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Brock Lesnar is a human being just like anybody else so he needs to get around town when he rolls in for whatever reason he has to leave his farm in Canada. One Reddit user recently told a story about an Uber driver he had that we just had to share.

This user said he was talking to his Uber driver and it came up that he drove Brock Lesnar around while he worked for another driving service. There are a couple interesting tidbits that he disclosed as well.

Here is the rundown as listed by Reddit user jg242302.

Brock requests male drivers. He couldn’t say why necessarily, but his guess was that Brock might be more trusting of male drivers?

– He picked up Brock at the airport, drove him downtown to one of the nicer hotels, and then drove him from the hotel to meet Paul Heyman at one of the fancier steakhouses in the city.

– After the meal, Paul Heyman was willing to take a photo with the driver and Brock, but as soon as someone else “spotted them,” Brock stopped it. No photos, definitely no autographs.

– Brock was very quiet, did not want to communicate, but was not “unfriendly.” Basically, the vibe was: “Drive me where I need to go, don’t ask me questions.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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