Graham: The Return Of James “Quasimodo” Ellsworth

Jul 6, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham posted the following on Facebook:

Well fans, as you all know by now Vince McMahon in his infinite wisdom, has brought back the infamous character
James Ellsworth. As you can see in my title I thought he could use a little zip in his name. After all, having Quasimodo involved in all of the female matches is far less embarrassing to the WWE than having your announcers say, ” We are coming to you tonight from Sioux Falls, S.D. or Raleigh, N.C. ”

The circus is now back in the WWE. Last week, Asuka was chasing Quas all over the building. Now next week it will be an official lumberjack match with all of the female talent surrounding the ring when Asuka faces her most challenging match to date, Quasimodo. I remember when Vince first brought in Princess Rousey and Asuka was going to be her big mania opponent with the armbar vs the armbar for the mania main event. Well that was scrapped and now Asuka is not allowed to use her armbar. It is forbidden, as it has become the sole finishing hold of Princess Rousey.

I believe that to enhance Mr. Quasimodo’s look, the costume directors should put a hunch on his back and spend 3 hours before each RAW in makeup. Also give him a calypso beat entrance music. I just know those expert makeup ladies can make Ellsworth look exactly like the Hunchback of Notre Dame !!! After all, we don’t want the WWE to be embarrassed.


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