Hillbilly Jim says he almost skipped WrestleMania 34 before the Hall of Fame call

Jul 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I wasn’t really gonna go to WrestleMania this year because I had such an awful time last year. I said to myself, if I get home, I’m not gonna go to this again this year, I’m gonna stay off a year because we were in Orlando, Florida last year and I had the worst time getting up there and getting back from it. I was three hours delayed out of the airport getting in to Orlando. Then, the whole weekend down there, I was just out of sorts. Whatever I did, I seemed like I couldn’t get caught up. It seemed like it was stressful and I didn’t enjoy it. Then, lo and behold when I came back, tried to get back home, I was four hours delayed. So, I said, if I get home, I’m not going next year.”

source: Toddcast Podcast

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