Steve Austin on Booker T: “Book, we got along as soon as I met him in WCW”

Jun 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Man, Book, we got along as soon as I met him in WCW. Them, him and Stevie were a tag team at the time, but we were always joking around, s–t we do to pass the time like that. Booker is a real confident guy, hell of a worker, hell of a worker! And a great promo. He started this rumor, some of the magazines, I forget exactly how he did it, but he goes, ‘so-and-so says I’m one of the top five workers in the world.’ Not just the United States, the world! And, dude, when you’re in the business, when a guy throws out a statement like that, you think, ‘hold it! Where did that s–t come from? How can he be the number five worker in the world or in the top five workers in the world?’ It was a rib! And everybody bit. Nobody knew whether to s–t or wind their watch! Me and Book used to love to work together. One time, we were in the ring, and, God damn, he lit me up with the stiffest damn right jab. Dude, I mean, he hit me so damn hard, it was like, dude, instantly, I’m usually real patient, but on that one, I said, ‘dude, that receipt’s coming right now!’ Man, I threw a right hand and it caught him. We finished the match, but it was an instant receipt. And I was laughing in the back. He was laughing as well. I said, ‘God dang, Book, if you and me ever get in a fight, I know I’d kick your ass because I took your best shot and the only reason I didn’t knock you out is because my right arm doesn’t straighten out.’ He started laughing. Good dude.”

Source: The Steve Austin Show

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