Zayn: “I got use to the pain but it got progressively worse”

Jun 22, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Sami Zayn chatted with with and confirmed hes in Birmingham, Alabama to have surgery on both his rotator cuffs.

Sami said he had surgery thus far on his right rotator cuff which he says is his “good one”. Sami will wait a few days before he has surgery on his left rotator (aka his bad) which he had surgery on 3 years ago.

Sami thinks he hurt his right rotator last summer in a match with Jinder Mahal at house show in Montreal. Which is ironic since he hurt his left rotator in Montreal back in 2015.

As for the left rotator Zayn says “That shoulder hasn’t been quite the same since the first surgery. I got use to the pain but it got progressively worse but long story short I’ll have to get surgery on it again.”

(The Spotlight)

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