6/19/18 WWE 205 Live Recap: Gulak vs. Dorado; Ali vs. Murphy vs. Itami Main Event

Jun 19, 2018 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens with a recap of the happenings of the last few weeks. We see Drake Maverick’s announcement for tonight’s main event: Buddy Murphy vs. Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali in a Triple Threat Match. The opening credits roll, and Percy Watson and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Drew Gulak (w/The Brian Kendrick) vs. Lince Dorado (w/Gran Metalik and Kalisto)
Gulak drops Dorado with a side headlock take-down. Dorado fights back to his feet and applies a wrist-lock. Gulak turn it into a wrist-lock of his own and then drops Dorado with a shoulder tackle. Gulak continues to work over Dorado’s wrist and then delivers a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Gulak delivers a headbutt to Dorado’s midsection and backs him into the corner. Gulak delivers a few right hands, but Dorado counters and takes Gulak down with a springboard moonsault. Dorado goes for the cover, but Gulak kicks out at two. Gulak fights back and crotches Dorado on the top rope. Gulak shoves Dorado down to the floor and Kendrick taunts him. Gulak slams Dorado back into the ring and stomps away on him in the corner. Dorado fights back and gets Gulak against the ropes, but Gulak counters and sends Dorado back out to the floor.
Gulak tosses Dorado back into the ring and applies a headlock down on the mat. Gulak delivers a shot to Dorado’s back, but Dorado comes off the ropes and takes Gulak down. Dorado delivers a couple dropkicks and then delivers a right hand. Dorado connects with a kick to the back of the head and goes up top. Dorado delivers a cross-body and goes for the cover, but Gulak kicks out at two. Gulak comes right back with a pin, but Dorado kicks out at two. Dorado hits the Golden Rewind stunner and goes for the cover, but Kendrick puts Gulak’s foot on the rope at two. Kendrick pulls Dorado into the ropes as Kalisto and Metalik are with the referee. Gulak grabs Dorado and applies the Dragon Sleeper and Dorado taps out.
Winner: Drew Gulak.

We go backstage and we see Drake Maverick with a referee. He tells the referee that there has to be a winner in tonight’s Triple Threat. Hideo Itami walks up. Maverick says he doesn’t want anymore main events ruined, so Itami needs to come to him next time. Itami says he will come to Maverick if Maverick shows him respect. Maverick says respect goes both ways, but Itami needs to worry about his opponents tonight. Maverick says Itami has a chance tonight to show that he belongs in the main event and he better make the best of it. Itami says he will before walking away.

We see Buddy Murphy warming up with Tony Nese backstage as we head to a break.

TJP’s music hits and he comes to the ring with a mic. He says his talent is being wasted again. TJP says he wants higher profile matches and wants to be in the main event every week. TJP says the guy in the ring is just some underdog who wants to add his name to his record. TJP says Drake Maverick wants to see him fail rather than succeed. The guy decks him in the face. TJP locks in the knee bar submission and the guys taps out, but the match never started anyway.

We see Mustafa Ali warming up backstage. Cedric Alexander walks up and gives him a fist bump. The main event is up next.

We see an Instagram post from Drake Maverick, officially announcing the signing of Lio Rush, who will debut on 205 Live next week. Lucha House Party vs. Drew https://miso.moe/ativan-2mg-online/ Gulak, The Brian Kendrick, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher will also take place in a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match.

Match #2 – Triple Threat Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy vs. Hideo Itami
Murphy and Ali turn their attention to Itami, who ducks out of the ring. Murphy goes after him and delivers rights and lefts, but Ali takes them both out with a suicide dive. Ali tosses Itami back into the ring and pounds away on him on the mat. Ali sends Itami to the corner and delivers right hands. Murphy tosses Ali aside and stomps away on Itami. Murphy slams Itami into the turnbuckle and stomps away on him again. Ali comes back and chops Murphy and takes him down with a hurricanrana. Murphy comes back with a boot to the face, but Ali sends him out to the floor. Ali goes for a suicide dive on Murphy, but Itami cuts him off with a knee to the midsection. Itami goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two. Itami applies a headlock down on the mat, but Ali fights out. Itami delivers a back body drop and then knocks Murphy back to the floor. Itami goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two.
Itami delivers a kick to Ali’s back repeatedly and tells Ali to respect him. Murphy gets back into the ring and kicks Itami in the back. Itami comes back with a kick of his own, and they exchange kicks for a bit. They get nose-to-nose and Itami slaps Murphy across the face. Murphy comes back with a slap of his own, but Itami drives his knee into Murphy’s midsection. Itami kicks Murphy in the back again and the stomps him into the mat. Ali gets back into the ring and kicks Itami in the back, but Murphy drops Ali with a clothesline. Murphy delivers a German suplex to Ali and goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two. Murphy knocks Itami to the floor and Ali goes for a roll up, but Murphy kicks out at two. Murphy locks in a sleeper hold, but Itami gets back into the ring. Murphy sends Itami into the corner and Ali delivers a right hand to Murphy.
Ali kicks Itami in the face and takes Murphy down with a reverse-rana. Ali drops Murphy with a tornado DDT and goes for the cover, but Murphy kicks out at two. Ali goes up top and goes for 0-5-4, but Itami knocks him down on the turnbuckle. Itami climbs as well and Murphy grabs Itami. Murhpy kicks both of them in the face and then drops Itami with a DDT. Murphy goes for the cover, but Itami kicks out at two. All three men exchange a variance of strikes. Ali superkicks Murphy and goes for a plancha, but Itami kicks him out of the air and all three men are down. Itami gets power bombed by Murphy and Ali kicks Murphy in the head. Ali goes up top and hits a double-450 splash on both men. Murphy rolls to the floor and Ali covers Itami, but Murphy pulls Ali to the floor at two. Murphy slams Ali into the announce table and then begins taking the announce table apart. Ali trips Murphy on the table and then delivers a Spanish fly from the table to the floor.
Ali gets back into the ring, but Itami connects with a hesitation dropkick in the corner. Itami goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two. Itami removes one of the turnbuckle pads and then dropkicks Ali against the exposed steel and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Hideo Itami.

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