Jake Crist Pinches Himself Over Impact Opportunity, Talks Desire to Unmask Luchadors

Jun 14, 2018 - by James Walsh

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Jake Christ
Date: 06/13/18
Your Host: James Walsh

Jake Christ joined the Wrestling Epicenter for a new interview to discuss his one on one match with Fantasma this coming week on Impact on POP TV. He also discusses the cool cinematic approach to the unsanctioned fight in the woods he was part of last week on Impact, the objectives of oVe heading into Slammiversary, and more.

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On the cinematic approach of the fight in the woods from last week’s Impact:
“I think it is amazing! I was pinching myself as last week’s episode was on. I was thinking, “I can’t believe this is me!” It was awesome!”

On Impact working with Lucha Underground and other promotions:
“I think that it is beneficial to us as wrestlers and workers to have the platform to go on to different stages and perform. But, it is also for the fans! The fans win in this. When companies work together and when companies allow talent exchanges like what is going on now, it is beneficial for the fans and the wrestlers. It is just a win, win for everyone.”

On Sami Callihan calling out ROH for the Chris Jericho Rock N Rager Cruise:
“It is kind of like the last question. It is beneficial not only for the Impact Wrestling fans but for the Ring of Honor Wrestling fans as well. To see the talent coming in and merging and people getting the dream matches that I’m sure you have a couple off the top of your head that you would like to see. If it happens… All I know is whatever is needed and whatever job is called upon, we’ll be there and we’ll do it!”

On the Barbed Wire Massacre match between oVe & LAX:
“The violence and the brutality that all of us endured… All the crazy things that happened during the match – Me getting wrapped up to me spearing out of the ring, through a table, and onto my head. To Dave getting suplexed off the ladder. The big moments in that match were very, very, very painful. I have the scars to prove that. I look in the mirror and it kind of brings a smile to my face when I see them in the mirror knowing what I did.”

On the Barbed Wire Massacre match not airing on Impact and launching the Twitch channel:
“I do wish it had been able to have aired on national television. But, I think it was just a little too violent. Just like it was deemed – Too Violent for TV! That’s why they had to switch it!”

On his bouncy heel presence:
“It brings joy to me in an almost sick way. I’m anxious to get out there and fight. I want to fight! When I get those chains pulled off me and I see the green light, I go. That’s why I bounce around like that. I’ve got the things that I want to do. It is kind of like being an anxious dog wanting to go out and pee on every fire hydrant.”

On recent guests praising Dave Crist as a trainer:
“As far as training guys, that is all Dave. When I’m not wrestling and I’m disconnected from wrestling, I like to stay that way. I have my own little island here in Dayton. Me, Dave, and Sami live within 5 minutes of each other. They do their school. Dezmond Xavier, being from Ohio, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the kid. He’s amazing! Look how athletic he is! He does his thing! He could probably do his thing in his sleep and look better than most people. ”

On Brian Pillman Jr as a wrestler:
“Brian Pillman Jr just started coming in to Rockstar. Dave takes the kids under his wing, he trains them, teaches them the ropes of the business. When it comes to me, I book the shows. I’m the brain of Rockstar Pro Wrestling. I just give them the platform to perform in front of weekly fans in Dayton, Ohio.”

On facing Fantasma on Impact Wrestling this week:
“I’m looking forward to having the stage on going one on one with Fantasma. My game plan is straight forward – I’m going to get him down on the ground and I’m going to rip his mask off. I’m going to expose his ugly face to the world! I mean, what are you hiding under there? What are you trying to cover up? I think, he’s got to be ugly, right? Why else would you wear a mask? I mean, we wear masks! But, we rip them off! It is kind of our thing! But, to wear a mask throughout your whole life? Your whole wrestling career? What are you hiding? I’m going to expose that on Thursday!”

On if OVE is declaring war on the Luchadors:
“Well, that just happens to be who I’m up against this week. That’s just my game plan. As for what happens in the future, who knows? It is us versus everything. We are Ohio Versus Everything, Everything, EVERYTHING!”

On Impact Wrestling’s new management and the changes in the company:
“I think it’s changed a lot in the public view. I think it is towards the good because of the television that we’re producing. The heads and the suits of Impact Wrestling are doing a great job and giving us the platform to do it on is amazing. As far as I’m concerned, I have seen the regime changes. I was new coming in. I was looking at my shoes mostly minding my own business. We just come in and do our own thing.”

On Slammiversary plans:
“We are going to create a must-see Slammiversary. We are going to take over everything and you will realize why we say it is by Ohio for Ohio and it is us versus you. We are going to leave our mark on this business.”

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