Enzo on Being called difficult to work with, writing his own material, more

Jun 14, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Enzo Amore was recently on the “Stone Horsemen” podcast and talked about writing his own material, almost quitting after finding out he was going to turn heel, being less restricted in NXT, and more. Here are the highlights:

Writing his own material: “If you look back at my six-year run in the WWE I never cursed on TV once, never cursed once. The only time I ever cursed was quoting Big Cass and I called him ‘Casshole’. I, as a writer, you can attest, when you’re writing for cable TV, you gotta find a way to be funny that are a ridiculous challenge when you can’t curse. As a writer for six years, I wrote my own TV which I was the only person in the WWE that could probably honestly say since day one in NXT they wrote their own material.”

Not knowing he would turn heel and almost quitting: “If you guys ever saw a segment with a Miz…I found out that day that I was pretty much turning heel…so I had to stick to the script. And he aired out all my dirty backstage laundry and I had to sit there and take it on the chin and I couldn’t say or rebuttal at all. I was backstage, I wrote the most tremendous promo of my life, which would have saved me as a babyface if I would have gotten the microphone. So I was in the midst of turning heel but they didn’t want to tell me that, per say, per say. For the first time they come to me and say ‘no, you can’t say anything. You have to read this verbatim.’ And I’m backstage losing my sh*t, and Hunter comes up to me and was like ‘you say what’s on that script if you wanna keep your job.’ And they didn’t tell me I was turning heel so I get it, but at the time and in the moment, I was like f*ck this man I’m quitting.”

Being less restricted in NXT: “Only because I had Dusty. But when Dusty passed away it was an interesting time cause me and Cass were on the cusp of getting called up and every single day we were thinking we were gonna get called up and at the end I almost got fired in NXT. More times than you could ever imagine.”

Being called difficult to work with: “As a writer, you gotta understand why people were maybe were mad to work with me or say I was difficult to work with. If a writer has a job to work with you and you get to work on Monday I re-write the whole f*cking promo. So they would give me my bullet points and I would rewrite my whole promos you know what I’m saying, and sometimes I could and could not, for instance ‘zero dimes’ you remember that thing? Like, Vince didn’t get it. So I used in NXT a bunch when I got to the main roster, Vince was like ‘…what’s that mean?’ So he doesn’t get but we’re making money off merchandise with it.”

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