6/13/18 WWE NXT Recap: War Raiders, Belair in Action; Ohno vs. EC3; Dunne vs. O’Reilly for the UK Title

Jun 13, 2018 - by Michael Riba

The opening credit roll and then Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. We see that Pete Dunne will defend the WWE United Kingdom Championship against Kyle O’Reilly tonight and then see that Aleister Black will address Lars Sullivan as well.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe) vs. Ricky Martinez and Justin Storm
Storm and Hanson start the match and Hanson shoves Storm across the ring. Hanson drops Storm with a clothesline and tosses him into the corner. Rowe tags in and he and Hanson double team Storm and send him to the mat. Rowe drags Storm to the corner and tells Martinez to tag in. Martinez does and hits Rowe in the face, but Rowe is not fazed. Rowe delivers a headbutt and a discus forearm that sends Martinez to the mat. Hanson tags in and smashes Martinez in the corner. Rowe sends Martinez back into the corner with double knees and then throws Hanson into Martinez in the corner. Rowe tags back in and Storm attacks Hanson from behind. Hanson turns around and screams at him and Rowe takes him out with a knee. Hanson tags back in and he and Rowe hit the guillotine leg drop and Hanson gets the pin fall.
Winners: War Raiders.
After the match, Hanson grabs a mic and he and Rowe call out The Mighty. They then drop Storm with a pop-up power slam to send the message.

We see all four members of The Undisputed ERA outside and Kyle O’Reilly is warming up for his match. Adam Cole sees the camera and tells the cameraman to leave and the Undisputed ERA doesn’t get recorded unless he says so.

We see that Kassius Ohno and EC3 will go one-on-one later tonight.

Back from the break, we see that “Painless” by Fozzy will be one of the official theme songs for this Saturday’s TakeOver: Chicago II. We then take an exclusive look at the feud between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Match #2 – Singles Match: EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno
Ohno shoves EC3 to the mat and then applies a front face-lock. EC3 gets free and goes to the outside. Ohno goes out after him and delivers a few chops. Ohno tosses EC3 back into the ring and delivers a shot to the midsection and a slap to the face. Ohno drops EC3 with a forearm shot and then delivers a scoop slam. Ohno goes for a senton splash, but EC3 counters with knees. EC3 slams Ohno in the corner and stomps away on him repeatedly. EC3 slams Ohno into the turnbuckles a few times and then delivers a rolling neck-snap. EC3 goes for a quick, but Ohno counters with a knee strike to the face. Ohno delivers a few forearm shots and then delivers a spinning kick to the face. Ohno connects with the senton splash twice and EC3 rolls to the floor. Ohno delivers another senton splash on the floor and tosses EC3 back into the ring. EC3 sends Ohno throat-first into the ropes and then hits the 1% and gets the pin fall.
Winner: EC3.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs. Aliyah
Belair decks Aliyah with a forearm shot and then drops her again with a shoulder tackle. Belair applies a side headlock and then spears her into the corner. Belair drives her shoulder into Aliyah’s midsection and goes for a suplex, but Aliyah lands on her feet. Aliyah tries to lock in a guillotine choke, but Belair fights out and suplexes Aliyah to the mat. Belair delivers a frog splash and then kicks up. Belair dead-lifts Aliyah and military presses her into the turnbuckle. Belair plants Aliyah with the face buster and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Bianca Belair.

We see a video hype package for the feud between Shayna Baszler and Nikki Cross.

We see Pete Dunne warming up backstage. His title defense against Kyle O’Reilly is next.

Back from the break, we see Dakota Kai backstage. She says she is so happy that she got to stand up to Shayna Baszler last week. She says if she is given another chance, the outcome will be different. She says she will become the new NXT Women’s Champion one way or another. Bianca Belair interrupts. She says she is the strongest, toughest, and quickest in NXT, unlike Dakota Kai. Belair mocks Dakota and says she isn’t going to do anything except cry when she fails again. Kai says Belair cannot use mindgames and challenges her to a match next week and Belair agrees.

Match #4 – WWE United Kingdom Championship Match: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly
They tie up and O’Reilly brings Dunne to the mat. O’Reilly goes for a few quick pins, but Dunne gets a shoulder up each time. O’Reilly goes for an arm-bar, but Dunne gets free and being joint manipulation with O’Reilly’s fingers. Dunne wrenches O’Reilly’s arm and then drops him with a clothesline. Dunne and O’Reilly go to the apron and Dunne drops him with the X-Plex on the apron. Dunne tosses O’Reilly back into the ring and delivers more joint manipulation. Dunne stomps down on the back of O’Reilly’s legs, but O’Reilly comes back and kicks Dunne’s injured leg. O’Reilly delivers right hands and kicks Dunne in the leg again. O’Reilly delivers a back drop and applies an Achilles hold submission. Dunne gets free and slaps O’Reilly across the face. O’Reilly answers with kicks to Dunne’s injured leg. Dunne counters once more with a step up enzuiguri and both men are down.
Dunne goes on the attack with a series of strikes and then kicks O’Reilly in the back of the head. Dunne delivers a sit-out power bomb and goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out at two. O’Reilly turns the pin into a triangle submission, but Dunne gets free and kicks O’Reilly in the shoulder. Dunne applies a body scissors submission, but O’Reilly gets free with elbows and then kicks Dunne in the face. O’Reilly delivers a brain buster and goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. O’Reilly works over Dunne’s leg, but Dunne fights back and sends O’Reilly to the corner with a forearm shot. Dunne goes for the Bitter End, but O’Reilly counters into a guillotine choke. Dunne counters and hits the X-Plex and turns it into an arm-bar submission. O’Reilly counters into an ankle lock, but Dunne counters with a headbutt and both men are down again.
O’Reilly and Dunne exchange rights and lefts and O’Reilly connects with an ax kick. Dunne hits an enzuiguri and a right hand and both men are down once more. O’Reilly gains the advantage with forearm shots and takes Dunne’s mouthguard away. Dunne fires back and then delivers the Bitter End and gets the pin fall.
Winner and still WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne.
After the match, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole rush the ring and beat down Dunne. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch rush the ring to even the numbers. Dunne and Cole battle up the ramp as O’Reilly, Strong, Lorcan, and Burch battle in the ring. Lorcan and Burch get the upperhand and sent O’Reilly and Strong to the outside.

We see that next week’s confirmed matches will be Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai and War Raiders vs. The Mighty. We then see that “Uncomfortable” by Halestorm will be one of the official theme songs for TakeOver: Chicago.

Aleister Black’s music hits and the NXT Champion makes his way to the ring. Black says he was shocked when Lars Sullivan stopped the Black Mass last week, but he will feel the full wrath and will fade to black at TakeOver: Chicago. Sullivan’s music hits and he rushes the ring. Black and Sullivan brawl in the ring and Sullivan drops Black with a huge clothesline. Sullivan drops Black with the Freak Accident. Sullivan stands over Black, but then delivers another Freak Accident. Sullivan picks Black up and delivers a third Freak Accident. Sullivan grabs Black and the NXT title belt and carries them both to the announce table. Sullivan tells Black he is the one who will fade to black and holds the NXT title in the air and tells Black that this is his reality in Chicago.

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