Paul Roma Shares Story of Backstage Altercation with Vince McMahon

Jun 10, 2018 - by James Walsh

– In an interview with Sean Mooney’s Prime Time podcast, Paul Roma spoke about a backstage altercation he had with Vince McMahon back in 1994.

He said: “I went over to Vince’s office and I sat down. Vince always let me in his office. I go down to the office and say, ‘Hey I’d like to see Vince.’ I’d go in and see whoever was there, Freddie Blassie at the time, and I talked with everybody. So I sat down with Vince and I basically told him ya know, ‘I almost lost my arm for you.’ I said, ‘Power & Glory was the greatest team you ever had and you did nothing with them.’ Then he started getting mad, ‘I did so much for you guys.’ I said, ‘You didn’t do sh*t for us.’ Then I said, ‘We worked hurt every day for you. Our guys back then, everybody worked hurt. Now they get a hangnail and they take a week off. That’s how much they care about your business. We cared about your business and you didn’t do sh*t for us.’ He swelled up and he was [roaring noise]. I said, ‘You better sit the fu*k down before I knock you out. Don’t be sitting up like your going to do something to me because you’re not.’ I had not planned on coming back, so I said what I had to say. I don’t kiss people’s asses hoping that Vince rings my phone like these other guys do. They’re always trying to sweet talk, this, that and the other thing – be men, be who you really are. Don’t kiss someone’s ass. It’s like my father said, ‘Don’t kiss anybody’s ass, you can always make money.’ I never forgot that.”

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