CM Punk testifies in defamation trial

Jun 1, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE champion CM Punk testified for the first time today in the trial against him and Colt Cabana brought forward by WWE doctor Chris Amann. Chicago Tribune journalist Gregory Pratt was in the courtroom for the testimony.

Punk said that wrestling was his whole life back then but there are things now in that 2014 podcast that he just doesn’t care about anymore. When asked if there are stuff in the podcast that he would change today, Punk only said that he probably wouldn’t swear, standing by his comments made towards Dr. Amann.

Punk said he agreed to do the podcast with his friend Colt Cabana because while he had left WWE several months before, he never told his side of the story and WWE made several statements about him. He compared the situation like going through a divorce and said that he just wanted to set the record straight for his fans. He admitted that he was bitter at the time as well.

When asked about his health during the 2013-2014 period, CM Punk said that he wasn’t fun to be around as he was suffering from many headaches, sleepless nights, dizziness, neck problems, nausea, and others.

In the podcast, Punk alleged that he had a lump the size of a baseball but so far, none of the people who treated him corroborated that fact, including Colt Cabana, who said it looked more like a “bubble” or “half an egg.”

Yesterday, Mark Carrano, WWE Vice President of Talent Relations, along with physician’s assistant Patrick Duffy, had their video testimonies played while Colt Cabana took the stand in the afternoon.

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