Lilian Garcia talks about her recent health problems

May 19, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I went to Thailand for a month. All of a sudden my voice was clear as a day. I can sing. I can do whatever I want. It is amazing. It was so fun to sing in my hotel room. I came back from Thailand and I wake up the next day and my throat is killing me, same thing with my husband. Why did I come back from Thailand and all of a sudden I go to sleep in my house and I wake up and I can’t again? We decided we’re going to get the house tested. Maybe there’s mold in the house. We decided to get the house tested and guess what? There’s mold in the house. We’ve been in the house two years and the timing is there from when I started losing part of my voice. Now we are living somewhere else. We had to move – just temporary. It’s a process.”

source: Chasing Glory

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