Cornette on fans rejecting Reigns: “It’s a situation that has never actually arisen in the wrestling industry before”

May 18, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It’s a situation that has never actually arisen in the wrestling industry before. Think about it. This is the first time that a guy has been rejected by the fans – not because of his lack of ability – but because the people know that the ‘Evil Empire’ wants him to be the guy over a guy that they really wanted to be the guy. In some cases, it’s a few guys (fans) wanted to be the guy. They have revolted against establishment, management by… they s–t all over him. They feel like they are getting back at the company for not featuring their favorites, and specifically Daniel Bryan. Would you say that’s a fair overview of the situation? In that case, and the reason this never happened before, now they found out the reason why ever other wrestling promotion in history – until Mr. McMahon became one of the greatest performers in the history of television – every other wrestling promoter and promotion wanted to be the babyface. They didn’t want the fans mad at the company because when you think about it at the root logic, why am I going and buying a ticket or buying merchandise from a company that I’m mad at? It’s bizarre, you talk about the [United States] and Canada bizarro world – this is a bizarro world situation. Vince McMahon was good enough to pull it off. He had Steve Austin; they were the ultimate version of ‘take this job and shove it’ against the establishment management program, and it can never be repeated, no matter how often people try. Now after 20 years and a whole generation or more of fans have grown up thinking ‘the management is trying to hold my favorite wrestlers down.’ So yes, they root for those wrestlers, but at the root of it, at some point it was going to bubble to the surface that (WWE) is saying ‘No, f–k you! We like this guy!’ It’s manifested itself on poor Roman.”

source: Busted Open Radio

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