Ivelisse reveals who was responsible for her getting fired from WWE

May 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Lucha Underground Star spoke about being fired from WWE before the Women’s Evolution really picked up. Here is what she had to say:

“It’s kind of bittersweet that that’s what I was trying to fight for when I was in WWE. I did it at the wrong time I suppose, just a little bit before it was time to do that. At that time Bill DeMott was the person that was there and he was kind of a big obstacle for what my goal was there, so right before this women’s evolution. Right after I was released when was Sara Del Rey was signed which pretty much signified an actual change coming. That was very bitter. I probably could have held on a little bit longer and maybe it would have been different, but that’s life and we’ll see what the future holds.”

On her standing up to Bill DeMott, which led to her firing:

“He has a personality that can become rather quickly a bully type personality. For whatever the reason is in his life, I don’t know, but he has that type of personality and eventually it will catch up to you. At first it works on fear with everyone around them but it catches up. For example, someone like me who isn’t scared to stand up for themselves regardless of the fact that one punch from him and I’d be down. But in my mind, I don’t fear that because if he were to choose to do something like that I would be suing him and who wins in that kind of scenario? A lot of people will be fearful of that but someone will always come along and stand up for themselves and he was able to get rid of me at that point but eventually it all stacks up on you.”

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