Jimmy Uso on the heel turn: “It was about that time”

Apr 4, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The Usos did an interview with Yahoo Sports this week and talked about their heel turn, how teaming with Roman Reigns in 2016 helped them realize it was time for a change, and the need for them to start talking on the mic.

Jimmy Uso on the heel turn: “It was about that time. We started to feel that the Siva Tau, the friendly Usos deal was kind of running low. We hadn’t even touched the microphone at all in our career and I feel like we got over just on in-ring performance. No one had ever really heard us talk. I grew up watching Stone Cold, watching The Rock, just like everybody else, Shawn Michaels, Triple H. All these dudes could talk, we have to talk to be the complete package.”

Jey Uso: “It was all clear, all in the making, it just worked, it was very organic. The crowd was 50-50 with us, when we were with Roman. It stuck with us. We just went 100 with it, let’s do it, the time is now. It’s a fresh slate, it’s time to play ball. What’s the next chapter of The Usos. Boom.”

Jimmy Uso: “I was like ‘OK, I kind of like this,’ because I was tired of trying to put a smile on my face. “I wanted to let the people know how we were really feeling. We really felt like we were the best tag team and getting overlooked. Put us in the ring with anybody and we’ll put on a five-star match. I’m not trying to be cocky about it, but that’s how you have to have the confidence to put on every night.”

“People started to feel us because we were real,” Jimmy Uso said. “This wasn’t an act. I really wear Air Force 1s, that’s really me out there, that’s really my brother out there. That’s what people got with and really understood, they started saying ‘I like that, I can get with it.’”

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