Potential for WWE content to be aired on FOX?

Jan 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

With news coming out of Wrestling Observer and Wrestling Inc, Triple H discussed with the executives of FOX Sports about potentially airing WWE product on their network. This potential move would be due to UFC possibly leaving the FOX network. Upon exit, this would leave space for another combat sport to fill. WWE has worked with FOX in the past, and the network aired a couple of episodes of Saturday Night’s Main Event in the 90s.

Dave Meltzer reported that there is also discussion of FOX possibly buying WWE, which would mean that FOX would have WWE as an entity. This would mean that rights fees would not be an issue moving forward, similar to what Viacom did with purchasing the MMA organization Bellator. Viacom also shows some interest in having a pro wrestling show on their channels. However, that interest does not necessarily involve WWE. According to Dave Meltzer, one person close to the situation believes McMahon is not selling his majority interest just yet. If WWE’s shares hit $40/share, Vince would be able to sell stock while maintaining full voting control. Since Vince McMahon launched Alpha Entertainment, one may wonder if he decided to launch a new company based on the above factors.

(The Spotlight)

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