Matt Hardy talked about becoming WOKEN on Table for 3

Dec 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“When I made the transformation to being ‘Woken’ Matt or whatever you want to call him, it was different. I became that being, and, to me, I’m a lot more comfortable doing that because I can go to the ring and know nothing is off limits and like Balor said, there’s no worry of looking bad, or looking strange, or worried about judgment. You go out and do your thing and I was like a primal cannibal in some ways. And when I go out and I’m Matt Hardy, I kind of feel like there are eyes on me and I have to act like a normal person or I have to look cool or I have to stay within certain parameters or whatever it may be. When I would go through the curtain and I was ‘Broken’, I was full-fledged on and I believe and I was every second of it. It’s not just playing make believe. I mean, I was.”

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