McMahon apparently a fan of the “woken” gimmick

Dec 9, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

According to Sports Illustrated, Matt Hardy will be allowed a creative license by Vince McMahon meaning Matt will have CREATIVE CONTROL over his “Woken” gimmick. Vince is apparently a big fan of the “Woken” gimmick and sees an opportunity with the gimmick and the opportunity to cash in on Matt’s character that’s already established.

For years, it’s been known that Vince does not view Matt Hardy as a top star in WWE unlike Matt’s brother Jeff. Matt is also aware of Vince’s opinion of him. Jeff Jarrett, a former executive in TNA, also felt that way when the Hardy Boyz were both in TNA. However, Vince and Matt’s relationship goes back for over two decades so Vince is willing to trust Matt enough to give him an opportunity to get his gimmick over with the WWE audience and see if he can be a top star in WWE.

(The Spotlight)

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