Corey Graves picks a fight with UK TV personality Piers Morgan

Nov 8, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

It started with a dig at Enzo Amore’s lack of popularity in England by Corey Graves during Raw on Monday night. “Enzo might be the only guy less-liked in England than Piers Morgan,” Graves said, referring to the former CNN host and journalist.

Morgan, who is an occasional wrestling fan, was quick to turn to Twitter where he has nearly six million followers to reply to Graves. “You’re the guy who couldn’t make it as a wrestler so turned to (bad..) commentary, right @WWEGraves?” Morgan tweeted.

The avid Twitter user caught some flack over his comment since Graves only “failed” as a wrestler because of concussions and was forced to change careers from in-ring to behind the mic. But Morgan did not care, and it seems Graves didn’t either.

“I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect. I had no idea who you were. I simply googled “most hated man in England,” Graves replied. “Welcome to relevance though!” Morgan was hated in the United States when he hosted his CNN show due to his hard push for gun control and to ban weapons. He often was the target of gun fanatics who didn’t want anyone to mess with their 2nd amendment. However, Morgan is also disliked by many in the United Kingdom but he usually takes it on the (big) chin!

“Mate, I have 5.8m more followers than you. When it comes to relevance, I’m John Cena & you’re Heath Slater,” Morgan fired back! Ouch! Enzo Amore also jumped to Morgan’s defense, saying, “From one journalist to an other, your facts are straight!”

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