Kevin Nash gives his reasons why a match with CM Punk never happened

Oct 23, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“I don’t know if Punk wanted (the match) to happen. To me, when I came back, I never had been there when I was handed a script where here was my script and I had to follow it. I’m reading the script and in the script he is burying me and I have no rebuttal, and you know, Paul (Triple H) is one of my best friends on earth, and anything that you do, like the old Kevin Nash would say – because in my mind, when I read that, and if you remember the scenario, the scenario was that I came down and stuck Punk and Del Rio came down and took the Money in the Bank and took his belt, so he comes out the next Monday and cuts this promo, laugh out loud that he heard I was dead, click, click, click your knees. Then I thought to myself, let me get this straight, I cost you the title, and you are going to do stand-up comedy and bury me because I’m old? … I would have loved to have seen what he would have done if I just went up and bear clawed him right to the face; but Paul was the boss.”

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