Singers Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera dress up as Maryse and The Miz for Halloween party

Oct 22, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Singers Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera were two of the many guests invited to The Miz and Maryse’s Halloween-themed gender reveal party at the couple’s villa in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Lavigne, who is friends with Maryse, showed up to the party dressed as…Maryse, while Cabrera showed up as The Miz!

“This is what it looks like when u steal @mikethemiz & @marysemizanin actual ring clothes when they weren’t home!! We go hard in the paint when it comes to Halloween,” Cabrera wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of himself and Lavigne in their outfits doing the typical Miz/Maryse poses.

All four then posed for a photo doing the same pose. You can see the photos below.

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