Scott Hall: “three hours of RAW is hard to watch”

Oct 18, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Well, he runs NXT completely, Triple H. And to me, it’s the hottest show out there and I think a big factor is… it is… I think a big factor is because it’s one hour and SmackDown (Live) gets better ratings because it’s two hours. I mean, three hours of RAW is hard to watch and I love pro wrestling. When business is red-hot and stuff, that’s great, but you’re giving away a pay-per-view every week and coming up with three hours of good TV starts to get hard. And, like, now the position that WWE is in is that because it’s a publicly traded company and it’s not a family business and they sell commercial time even if the show’s not that good, you’re still generating revenue off of those commercials, so they can’t (go back to a two-hour RAW). I think if it was up to Paul (Levesque), he would go back to one-hour TV because it leaves you wanting more. But, I mean, things are what they are.”

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