Reby Sky vs. WWE seamstress

Oct 18, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

– WWE seamstress Julie Youngberg might end up in some very hot water after she tweeted – responding to a fan who said he wished Broken Matt was the fifth member of Team Miz – saying that she wishes it was Dead Matt instead. The comment sparked a barrage of online criticism from fans, including Matt Hardy’s wife Reby, who was obviously not happy with the comment. “Say it in person next time! Just remember: I ain’t got a job to lose,” Reby replied. Youngberg said that judging by Reby’s attitude, WWE security would surely protect her and not “someone’s crazy wife.” Youngberg then continued, “And why I’m fighting w NC losers from my past online is beyond me,” before adding that Jeff Hardy has been “nothing but nice” and called him a true superstar. “I accidentally married into that psycho club and now I’m out,” Youngberg later wrote. She is married to Shannon Moore, the former WWE Superstar who is big friends with The Hardy Boyz. The two are currently getting divorced. Julie Youngberg has been working for WWE for three decades as a seamstress and costume designer and just this week got a shoutout by Naomi for designing her new ring gear.

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