Shane McMahon does his own motion capturing for WWE 2K18

Sep 28, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

When a new WWE video game comes out, 2K does all the motion capturing with one or two individuals to mimic the moves of every WWE Superstar. While each WWE Superstar has to sit down for the 3D face scan, it would be impossible for them to each do their own motion capture for the moves. But Shane McMahon wanted to do his own motion capturing for WWE 2K18 and 2K were more than happy to oblige. The Smackdown Commissioner flew to the 2K studio in the Bay Area so the game developers can capture his authentic moves. Shane said that the move was inspired after his kids told him that he “moves a little differently” in the games. “The facility and how they do the motion capture is pretty cool,” Shane said. “So you get in this frog suit with sensors all over the place, you wear a hat…it’s pretty warm
in the suit!” But that did not stop Shane O’Mac from hitting his signature moves including the flying elbow, five or six Shooting Star Presses to get the exact move down, the coast-to-coast, and his entrance of course! Shane joked that he tried to convince the 2K guys to juice up his levels so he becomes unbeatable in the game!

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