Jack Swagger on Possibly Working with Bellator, Big Props for Cesaro, Working the Indies

Sep 28, 2017 - by Staff

Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

His former tag team partner Cesaro and his status in WWE:

“Cesaro should be world champ. I’m not afraid to say it, Cesaro is my favorite wrestler. It used to be Kurt Angle, but it’s now Antonio Cesaro. He’s the strongest guy there, he can go with anybody, and he is a guy that a company can invest in.”

“In addition to being gifted athletically and being the strongest guy in the room, Cesaro is very smart upstairs. He can go in the back and wrestle a match out in his head, then he’ll add his Cesaro-isms in the ring to really make the match special. He knows exactly where to put things and make a match explosive. ‘Sell, sell, sell, then holy sh–, explosion!’ He’s so flexible, and he’s made all his tag team partners better. He made Tyson Kidd better, and he was the driving force for me in the Real Americans tag team. His big swing is gold. He’s very hungry, and coming from the indies, he has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He uses that as fuel to keep getting better and not get complacent, and he would be the perfect guy to be world champ.”

Earning a different kind of credibility by recently working the indies:

“That’s a combination of the internet, along with a lot of guys out here just busting their ass. I want to make a name for myself on the indie scene. I want to earn my street cred. I want to wrestle everywhere. I’m open to wrestling for Global Force, Lucha Underground, even if I’m under a mask, and Ring of Honor. I want to work them all. Everyone is talking about how hot the wrestling scene is in Japan, but the U.K. market, promotion across promotion, is very consistent and growing. I just did WAW (World Association of Wrestling) in Norwich, England, and their television production value was amazing. I wrestled Cody Hall, who had [his father] Razor Ramon in his corner, and that was really cool. I want to grow my brand and help wrestling continue to grow, too.”

Revealing that he’s considering a fight with Bellator MMA:

“A fight would be a big risk. It could help my pro wrestling career, or it could hurt it. Once you’re an amateur wrestler, you’re always an amateur wrestler. I relate everything to amateur wrestling, including the way I watch basketball and the way I watch football. My brain thinks as an amateur wrestler. That’s who I am.”

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