Former WCW wrestler on the kneeling controversy

Sep 27, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

The former Disco Inferno, Glenn Gilbertti posted the following on his Facebook page:

The players standing for the anthem is a recruiting tool used by the military to show people the massive amount of respect that we give the people that sign up to give their lives to protect our freedom. They are using OUR TAX DOLLARS to do this. So by taking a knee and ruining the moment, they are indeed disrespecting those that serve our country and their efforts to recruit others to do the same…and are literally wasting your tax dollars by doing so. If a player decides to act in defiance of this process, he has every right to do so. However, they will also subject themselves to the whims of their employers. Don’t piss off the advertisers…you may find yourself out of a job if you are not good enough(Kap). Another form of protest would have been more logical than crapping on the respect we show our armed servicemen.

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