9/27/17 WWE NXT Recap: Sullivan/Lorcan, Morgan/Borne, Ohno in Action; Cole vs. Young Main Event

Sep 27, 2017 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens up with SAnitY making their way to the ring. Eric Young says the only thing that matters in the universe in chaos and the only thing that is for certain is change. Young says he is going to take Adam Cole to the edge of sanity tonight. Mauro Ranallo then confirms that Eric Young and Adam Cole will go one-on-one later tonight. We also see that Kassius Ohno will go one-on-one with Fabian Aichner.

We see Oney Lorcan backstage. He says he doesn’t like Lars Sullivan because Sullivan thinks he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants.

Match #1: Lars Sullivan vs. Oney Lorcan
Lorcan applies a headlock, but Sullivan sends him off the ropes. Sullivan drops Lorcan with a shoulder tackle and then applies a bearhug. Lorcan elbows his way free and delivers a dropkick, but Sullivan isn’t fazed and sends Lorcan to the outside. Lorcan comes back with a forearm and then a European uppercut. Lorcan goes for a suicide dive, but Sullivan catches him and slams him into the ring apron. Sullivan tosses Lorcan back into the ring and smashes him in the corner. Sullivan charges again, but Lorcan counters with an uppercut. Lorcan chops and slaps Sullivan numerous times, but Sullivan just yells at Lorcan. Lorcan delivers a few more uppercuts, but Sullivan turns him inside out with a lariat. Sullivan picks Lorcan up and delivers the side spine-buster and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Lars Sullivan.
After the match, Sullivan goes after Lorcan, but Danny Burch rushes the ring and saves Lorcan from Sullivan.

We head backstage with Kayla Braxton and Ruby Riot. Braxton says Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have requested a rematch with Ruby Riot and her new friend, Nikki Cross. Ruby says she and Nikki are not friends and she has no idea why Nikki showed up in the match a few weeks back. She says if Billie and Peyton want a fight, she will give them a fight and if Nikki shows up again she better stay out of her way.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic) vs. Demitrius Bronson and Patrick Scott
Knight and Scott start the match and Knight drops Scott with a hip toss and then applies a wrist-lock. Knight picks Scott up with one hand and then drops him to the mat again. Scott tries to slap his way free, but Knight isn’t fazed. Knight delivers a suplex and Scott tags in Bronson. Knight takes Bronson down with a drop toe gold and then Dozovic tags in. Knight and Dozovic drop Bronson with a double shoulder tackle and then Dozovic and Knight deliver a double headbutt. Bronson comes back with a rear choke on Dozovic, but Dozovic backs him into the corner. Bronson comes off the top rope, but Dozovic catches him and deliver a release suplex. Scott tags in and Dozovic runs him over. Dozovic delivers an elbow drop to Scott and then drops Bronson with a clothesline. Dozovic smashes Scott in the corner and Knight tags in. Knight tosses Scott into Dozovic, and Knight and Dozovic slam Scott onto Bronson and Knight pins both of them.
Winners: Heavy Machinery.

We take a look at William Regal at the WWE Performance Center earlier today when Johnny Gargano storms out. Regal says he got Gargano’s message about a rematch against Andrade “Cien” Almas. Regal says the match will take place in two weeks. Regal says he has something special planned for NXT TakeOver: Houston that he thinks everyone will like. We see that Liv Morgan will go one-on-one with Vanessa Borne after the break.

We see an interview with Roderick Strong. He says he is preparing for his match against Drew McIntyre like it could be his last opportunity. Strong says McIntyre knows that and McIntyre knows that Strong will keep getting up and will keep moving forward. Strong says he has worked his entire life for this and he will never stop. Strong says all of his business is personal, but the best business is very personal. Strong says he is going to come at McIntyre with everything he has and nothing will stop him. We are reminded that Strong’s title match against McIntyre will take place on next week’s show.

Match #3: Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne
Morgan goes on the offensive first and takes Borne down to the mat. Morgan connects with a leg-drop and goes for the cover, but Borne kicks out at one. Borne comes back and takes control and takes Morgan down to the mat. Borne slams Morgan’s face into the mat a few times and then takes her to the corner. Borne kicks Morgan in the midsection, but Morgan comes back with one of her own. Morgan rolls Borne up, but Borne kicks out at two. Borne comes back and takes Morgan down to the mat and goes for a cover of her own, but Morgan kicks out at two. Morgan comes back with a drop toe hold that sends Borne into the ropes. Morgan takes Borne down with a couple face-busters and then a step-up enzuiguri. Morgan takes Borne down with the running bulldog and then delivers a face-buster to her knees and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Liv Morgan.

We take a look back to the confrontation from last week between Aleister Black and The Velveteen Dream. We then see a Black in the Performance Center. He says in this age of individuality there is always one that thinks they are unique and special and they always try to antagonize. He says he refuses to acknowledge a child who throws a tantrum to get attention. Black says Dream is rudely mistaken if he thinks he got Black’s attention.

We see that Kassius Ohno will go one-on-one with Fabian Aichner up next. We then take a special look at Aichner.

Match #4: Fabian Aichner vs. Kassius Ohno
They lock up and Ohno applies a side headlock. Ohno takes Aichner down to the mat, but Aichner gets free and applies an arm-bar. Ohno takes Aichner down with an arm-drag, but Aichner comes back with a European uppercut. Ohno comes back with a boot to the face and Aichner goes to the floor. Ohno goes after Aichner, but Aichner gets back into the ring. Ohno catches him with a boot and gets back into the ring. Ohno runs the ropes, but Aichner takes him out with a back-breaker and Ohno goes to the outside. Aichner takes Ohno out with a springboard cross-body and then delivers a suplex in the ring. Aichner goes for the cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Aichner keeps the attack going and goes for a power bomb, but Ohno counters with a small package for a two count. Aichner catches Ohno with an elbow and then power slams him down to the mat. Aichner springboars off the ropes with a moonsault, but Ohno dodges it. Ohno catches Aichner with a couple elbow shots and then a few knee strikes as well. Ohno slams Aichner down to the mat with a side suplex and then catches him with the spinning boot to the face and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kassius Ohno.

We are reminded that Eric Young and Adam Cole will go one-on-one later tonight. We then see the NXT Champion, Drew McIntyre, outside of the arena. McIntyre says if anybody wants an opportunity at the title all they have to do is ask. He says Strong is the only man to take that opportunity. He says Strong is very good and he would be the champion right now if he weren’t in McIntyre’s time in NXT. We are reminded that their match will take place on next week’s NXT.

We take a look back at the the winner of the inaugural Mae Young Classic Tournament, Kairi Sane. Mauro Ranallo informs us that a Fatal Four-Way Match at NXT TakeOver: Houston will decide the new NXT Women’s Champion and comfirms Kairi Sane as one of the four participants.

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O”Reilly make their way to the ring. Cole asks how NXT survived without them. Cole says what everyone feels is a change, a shock to the system. Cole says they are untouchable, unstoppable, and undisputed and that this is their era.

Match #5: Adam Cole (w/Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Eric Young (w/Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross)
Young takes Cole to the corner and drops him to the mat. Young goes for a quick cover, but Cole kicks out quickly. Fish and O’Reilly distract Young from the outside and Cole takes advantage. Cole beats down Young in the ring and then slams him into the corner and takes him down to the mat. Cole applies a headlock down on the mat, but Young fights back to his feet. Cole delivers a knee and sends Young to the ring apron and drops him to the floor with an enzuiguri. SAnitY surround Young to shield him from Fish and O’Reilly. Cole grabs Young and tosses him back into the ring. Cole goes for the cover, but Young kicks out. Cole applies a rear chin lock down on the mat, but Young fights to his feet. Young comes off the ropes, but Cole locks in the rear chin lock again. Young counters with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down.
Both men fight to their feet and Young tosses Cole down to the mat from the ropes. Fish, O’Reilly, Dain, and Wolfe fight on the outside and Young cross-bodies them all to the floor. Young gets back into the ring, but Cole takes him out with a superkick and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Adam Cole.

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