9/19/17 WWE 205 Live Coverage

Sep 19, 2017 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens with a recap of the last month’s happenings, including Enzo Amore’s debut on the show and his victory to become the number one contender to Neville’s WWE Cruiserweight Championship. We see the opening video for 205 Live and then Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. We see that Neville and Enzo Amore will meet face-to-face later tonight.

Match #1: Cedric Alexander vs. The Brian Kendrick
Alexander catches Kendrick with an elbow to the side of the face and then drops him with a Kendrick. Alexander takes Kendrick down with a suicide dive on the outside. Kendrick comes back and slams Alexander into the LED board at ringside, but Alexander comes back with a right hand and then tosses Kendrick back into the ring. Alexander comes off the top rope, but Kendrick moves and kicks Alexander in the face. Kendrick goes for a cover, but Alexander kicks out at one. Kendrick slams Alexander into the corner and then drops him with a butterfly suplex. Kendrick goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out again. Kendrick applies a rear chin-lock down on the mat, but Alexander fights back and slams Kendrick face-first into the turnbuckle. Alexander kicks Kendrick in the face, but Kendrick comes right back with a Japanese arm-drag that turns Alexander inside-out in the corner.
Kendrick applies a straitjacket submission in the middle of the ring, but Alexnader gets free and sends Kendrick to the ropes. Alexander comes off the ropes, but Kendrick catches him with a back elbow. Alexander comes back with a kick and then takes Kendrick down with a springboard clothesline. Alexander goes for the cover, but Kendrick kicks out at two. Alexander goes for a handspring elbow, but Kendrick ducks and drops Alexander with a dropkick. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Alexander rolls through and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Cedric Alexander.
After the match, Kendrick gets in Alexander’s face on the entrance ramp and starts to argue with him. Jack Gallagher attacks Alexander from behind and beats him down. Gallagher and Kendrick double-team Alexander and Gallagher lays him out with a headbutt.

We see that Rich Swann will go one-on-one with Lince Dorado later tonight. We then see Drew Gulak walking backstage and McGuinness informs us that Gulak will join them on commentary after the break.

Back from the break, we see Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick walking backstage. Gallagher says he doesn’t need to justify his actions to the WWE Universe. He says when he looked in the mirror he learned a lesson. He says you can’t be nice and be a winner and Cedric Alexander and the rest of the Cruiserweight Division will learn that soon enough.

Drew Gulak’s (new) music hits and he makes his way to ringside. He says he was unjustly interrupted by The Fashion Police last week and they will be hearing from his lawyer, who is himself. He says his plight on 205 Live has been compared to Galileo. He says if Galileo were alive today, he would not be a fan of Akira Tozawa. Gulak then continues his Power Point Presentation for a Better 205 Live, picking up on slide number six. He doesn’t even make it through slide six before Tozawa interrupts.

Match #2: Akira Tozawa vs. Noam Dar
They lock up and Dar backs Tozawa into the corner and then delivers a right hand to the midsection. Tozawa comes back with a kick to the chest and then connects with a standing senton. Tozawa takes Dar to the corner and kicks him down into the corner. Tozawa delivers a back elbow, but Dar comes back and takes Tozawa’s legs out from under him. Dar drops an elbow on Tozawa’s knee and then works it over with various submission holds. Tozawa gets free and sends Dar to the outside. Tozawa connects with a suicide dive onto Dar and then tosses him back into the ring. Tozawa goes for the cover, but Dar kicks out at two. Dar comes back with another leg sweep and then drops Tozawa with a European uppercut. Dar goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two. Dar continues to work over Tozawa’s knee, but Tozawa comes back with a spinning kick to the face. Tozawa goes up top and connects with the senton and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Akira Tozawa.

We take a look back to last week’s show and the match between Rich Swann and TJP, which was won by Swann. We see Swann backstage and TJP walks up. TJPP congratulates him on his win last week and says when they are in the ring together, they have great chemistry. TJP says they need to keep it rolling, and Swann says he is right but he is focused on Lince Dorado tonight. TJP says he knows Swann is focused, but they need to have one more match. Swann plays it off and walks away as TJP is dejected.

We see Lince Dorado down backstage as referees are checking on him. Swann leaves the ring and walks to the back, but TJP emerges and delivers a superkick out of nowhere. TJP grinds his boot in Swann’s face and rips one of Swann’s dreads out of his head. TJP kicks Swann in the midsection and then slams him down onto the barricade.

We see that Neville and Enzo Amore will meet face-to-face after the break.

Neville’s music hits and the King of the Cruiserweights/WWE Cruiserweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Neville says he will prove that Enzo Amore is a stain on the moral fiber of society and that Amore is grossly under-qualified to step into Neville’s world. Amore’s music hits and he does his usual pre-match promo. Neville says is he got laid out by Braun Strowman, he’d be at him recuperating, but Amore is out here doing his chicken dance. Amore says Neville is jealous and has been jealous since he made 205 Live the realest show in the room. Neville says he is the most formidable Cruiserweight on planet Earth and is better than Amore in every conceivable way. Amore says he is not the wrestler that Neville is, but that is precisely why Neville is jealous. Amore says no matter what the win-loss record says, he is twice the Superstar that Neville will ever be.
Amore says he knows he and the locker room don’t get along, but when his music hits the crowd gets behind him and he is number one on the microphone. Amore says he is a certified G and a bonafide stud and that eats Neville up. Amore says Neville has been a big fish in a small pond and he can see the envy in his eyes because when he debuted, a shark invaded Neville’s water. Neville says he wanted to make this quick, but now he is going to make an example out of Amore. Neville says he doesn’t care about merchandise sales or celebrity relationships or being a Superstar. He says none of that stuff matters because Amore can’t fight. Neville says he is brutal and asks Amore what he is going to do when he brutalizes him to where there is no hope. Neville says Amore’s tactics will not win the title and the best Amore can hope for at No Mercy is surviving. Amore says Neville is right, his tactics won’t work, but this isn’t Sunday and this isn’t No Mercy. Amore kicks Neville down below and asks him how he is doing before leaving the ring.

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