8/8/17 WWE 205 Live Recap: Nese vs. Alexander, Dar in Action; TJP vs. Swann Main Event

Aug 8, 2017 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens with a recap of the “friendly rivalry” between Rich Swann and TJP. We go into the arena where Corey Graves and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show. Graves informs us that he will have an exclusive interview with Akira Tozawa later tonight.

Match #1: Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander
They lock up, but Nese breaks away and poses. Alexander takes control and takes Nese down to the mat. Alexander goes up top, but Nese cuts him off and drapes him across the top rope. Nese delivers a knee to the midsection and takes Alexander down to the mat. Nese hangs Alexander upside down in the corner and kicks him repeatedly in the midsection. Alexander tries to fight back, but Nese keeps control an stomps away on Alexander down on the mat. Nese locks in a body scissors submission down on the mat. Alexander fights back and delivers an enzuiguri to Nese. Alexander drops Nese with a few clotheslines and then delivers a shoulder in the corner. Alexander kicks Nese in the back of the head and then delivers a flying clothesline. Alexander goes for the cover, but Nese kicks out at two.
Alexander chops Nese against the ropes, but Nese comes back and takes Alexander down with a pump-handle slam. Nese goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Nese slaps Alexander across the face, but Alexander comes right back with a slap of his own. Alexander kicks Nese in the face and goes for a clothesline, but Nese ducks under. Alexander kicks Nese in the side of the head and comes off the ropes, but Nese rolls him up and grabs the tights and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Tony Nese.
After the match, Nese says what we all just witnessed was a great athlete (Cedric) and a premier athlete (himself). Nese says Alexander takes care of his body a lot better than the schlubs in the crowd. Nese says as long as he is around, Alexander will always be second best.

We go backstage with The Brian Kendrick. We then see footage from last week when Gentleman Jack Gallagher was disqualified in his match against Kendrick for refusing to listen to the referee’s orders and constantly beating down Kendrick. Kendrick laughs it off and says all the footage does is prove his point that Gallagher doesn’t have what it takes. Kendrick says Gallagher had the chance to fight him, but he found a way out and got himself disqualified. Kendrick says he won and that’s all that matters. Kendrick says he is moving on, but Gallagher attacks him from behind and beats him down backstage.

We see TJP warming up backstage as we head to a break.

Noam Dar’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He makes fun of his opponent for trying for years and still not making it, while he himself is 24 years old and is already a WWE Superstar.

Match #2: Noam Dar vs. Mark Thomas
Thomas delivers a big right hand and delivers a series of rights and lefts against the ropes. Dar rolls to the floor, but gets back into the ring and takes out Thomas’ leg. Dar clubs Thomas in the back of the head and then beats down Thomas on the mat. Dar slams Thomas into the corner and beats him down into the corner. Dar kicks Thomas in the face, but Thomas fights back briefly. Dar drops Thomas with an uppercut and then takes him out with the Nova Roller and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Noam Dar.

Corey Graves is in the ring and he welcomes the number one contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Akira Tozawa. Before the interview can start, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, interrupts. Neville asks Graves what he is doing to Neville’s show. Neville wonders why Graves wants to interview the challenger. Neville says 205 Live is his show, he is the King of the Cruiserweights, and Graves should be interviewing him. Neville says Graves is trying to hype the match, but he is the hype, he is 205 Live, and Tozawa is no competition for the King. Tozawa takes his jacket off and rolls up his sleeves and interrupts Neville. Tozawa says he has a question for Neville and Neville says he is out here to save the WWE Universe from his terrible attempt at English. Tozawa asks Neville how he will feel when he beats him for the title at SummerSlam. Neville chuckles and goes for Tozawa, but Tozawa decks him and goes up top for the senton, but Neville rolls out of the way. Neville charges the ring, but Tozawa lays him out with a kick. Tozawa holds the Cruiserweight Championship belt in the air as Neville looks on from the ramp.

We see Rich Swann warming up backstage as we head to a break.

Match #3: TJP vs. Rich Swann
They lock up and Swann applies a side headlock. TJP comes back, but neither man can gain an advantage. TJP grabs Swann’s knee, but Swann gets to the ropes and TJP lets him go. They lock up again and TJP backs Swann into the corner. TJP connects with a right hand, but Swann comes back and takes him down to the mat. Swann kicks TJP in the back and then sends him to the ropes. TJP holds on, but Swann sends him to the floor. Swann takes TJP out on the floor with a springboard from the top rope. Swann tosses TJP back into the ring and goes for the cover, but TJP kicks out at two. Swann gets TJP in a double underhook, but TJP backs him into the corner. Swann turns it into a hammer lock and takes TJP down to the mat. TJP fights out and slams Swann down to the mat.
TJP drops Swann with a couple suplexes and goes for the cover, but Swann kicks out at two. TJP slams Swann into the corner and then connects with a senton over the top rope. TJP goes for the cover, but Swann kicks out at two. TJP applies a bow-and-arrow submission, but Swann gets free. TJP comes off the middle rope with a springboard uppercut and goes for the cover, but Swann kicks out at two. TJP applies a front face lock and drives his knees into Swann’s midsection. Swann gets free and connects with an elbow. Swann goes for a moonsault, but TJP moves. TJP now dives from the top and Swann moves and both men are down.
TJP goes for a kick, but Swann counters and drops TJP with a few clotheslines and then a fameasser. TJP comes back with a kick, but Swann takes him down with a hurricanrana. Swann goes for the cover, but TJP kicks out at two. Swann applies a double underhook, but TJP rolls through and goes for the knee-bar. Swann gets free and kicks TJP in the side of the head. Swann connects with a standing moonsault and goes for the cover, but TJP kicks out at two. Swann goes up top and goes for the Phoenix Splash, but TJP moves. TJP goes for a double underhook, but Swann fights out. Swann gets on TJP’s shoulders, but TJP drops him into the turnbuckles and hits the Detonation Kick and gets the pin fall.
Winner: TJP.
After the match, TJP gloats in the face of Swann and taunts him all the way up the entrance ramp as they leave together.

We head backstage and TJP asks Swann what is up with him. TJP asks him if he is a sore loser and Swann says it isn’t the losing, but it’s the gloating from TJP that he can’t handle. TJP says they are still friends and Swann knows who he is. Swann says he is starting to know who TJP really is as 205 Live comes to an end.

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