GFW Impact! Results (7/27/17): Last Knockouts Standing Match & Alberto El Patron In A Gauntlet Match

Jul 28, 2017 - by Bill Fenbers

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Joseph Park and Grado are shown arriving to the Impact Zone earlier in the day. Park is hyping up Grado’s upcoming marriage proposal to Laurel Van Ness.  Grado has to get married, in order to remain working in the United States.  Park gives Grado something special to wear, for when he pops the big question to LVN…..

This is followed by a video recap of what took place on Impact! a week ago.  Highlights are shown from last week’s show closing angle, which saw Alberto El Patron save his family by pretending to join LAX.  Alberto would end up denouncing and then attacking the Latin American Xchange.

Jeremy Borash intros the show from inside the Impact Zone  He hypes up Destination X in three weeks….. JB then cues to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer inside the ring.  The Orlando Mayor has declared this ‘Impact Day’ and is doing the ring announcing during this week’s show.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Ethan Carter III, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Moose, Marufuji & Eddie Edwards

A good opening six-man match that takes up the first two segments of this week’s show….Edwards starts things off for his team against Eli Drake.  Edwards and Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Marufuji start teaming up against Eli.  EC3 is tagged in and takes some stiff shots from the Marufuji/Edwards duo.  Moose is tagged in and EC3 runs away.  When Moose is distracted by Adonis and Drake, Carter sneaks up behind Moose and grounds him.  Adonis is in and goes to work on the current Grand Champion.  Adonis mocks Moose and ends up paying for it, when he eats a standing dropkick from the former NFL offensive lineman. Marufuji is back in and delivers a variation of precision kicks.  Adonis uses his power to regain the advantage for his team.  Edwards and Marufuji continue to work well together, as Marufuji blind tags in Edwards, and they hit several tandem moves on Adonis.  Carter and Drake try and get involved in the action, but they get tossed to the outside.  The show goes to break with Adonis turning the tables on Eddie Edwards by choking him out on the mat…. The heels are still in control when the show returns.  Things stay that way for the next couple of minutes as Edwards is isolated and roughed up in their corner.  Edwards finally rallies and tags in Moose.  He comes into the ring and goes on an offensive flurry on his current rival EC3.  Moose sets up for his hesitation dropkick but it’s intercepted by Drake and Adonis. Moose overcomes the double team momentarily.  This leads to a frantic sequence with all six men in the ring.  Moose cleans house and looks to be on the verge of victory, when EC3 comes into the ring with the Impact Grand Championship in his hands. The referee is tied up with the other four men.  Carter attempts to hit Moose with the title but is blocked.  EC3 instead delivers a low blow on Moose.  He then lifts up Moose and hits an impressive looking front face double underhook butterfly suplex (which Carter later names as The ECD).. The ref is back in and counts the pinfall.

EC3, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis defeat Moose, Eddie Edwards & Marufuji.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage hyping this week’s show, when a heavyset man with ’80s-style ring attire is seen stretching next to her. “Richard Justice” is the man’s name (no relation to Sid)….. Justice tells McKenzie that he is the standby wrestler, in case the show needs to be stretched out due to time issues.  He tells McKenzie that he needs to stay warm in case he is called into action….. This is followed by a vignette for a new stable coming to GFW called oVe.

When the show returns from the break, Jeremy Borash hypes up Impact’s upcoming live events.  It has been announced that Taya Valkryie and John Hennigan (formerly John Morrison/Johnny Nitro/Johnny Mundo) will be a part of the August 5th show in Staten Island.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring to address Bruce Prichard.  Lashley is upset that he is not being treated like the top man in the company.  He notes how others walk into the company and are granted title shots on the spot.  Lashley says that he is the top dog on the food chain.  He calls out Prichard to demand that he get a World Championship match at Destination X on August 17th….. Bruce Prichard makes his way onto the stage.  Bruce says that he told Lashley last week that he was tired of wrestlers making demands.  Just when Prichard is about to continue, Matt Sydal interrupts.  He comes down to the ring and says that he will not be ignored like last week.  Sydal and Lashley go at it, and Matt gets the upper hand.  Sydal leaps off the top rope and hits his “Air Sydal” shooting star press on Lashley.

Super X-Cup Tournament -Round One Match: Davey Richards vs. Taiji Ishimori

Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Ishimori is one of the few wrestlers who wears a mask into the ring, only to take it off.  Taiji is the current GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion….. This is the final first round match in this tournament.  Drago, the spectacular Dezmond Xavier and ACH have already advanced to the final four…. The opening moments of the match sees both men go tit for tat.  Ishimori out quicks Richards and starts to frustrate him.  So much so that Richards foolishly grabs a steel chair at ringside.  The ref takes away the chair.  This brief delay in action actually aids Richards in taking control of the match.  Richards uses his Brazilian jujitsu training and slaps on a double legged choke on Ishimori.  Taiji escapes but Richards continues to put on a submission clinic.  He gets Ishimori in a variation of holds.  Ishimori is able to escape each one but Richards stays in control.  The momentum shifts when Ishimori bounces off the ropes and connects with a springboard seated senton.  Ishimori follows this up with a delayed reverse double foot stomp.  This leads to a nice series of reversals on the mat.  Richards appears to trap Ishimori in an ankle lock but he escapes yet again.  Ishimori tries to spring onto Richards but gets caught in another ankle lock.  Another escape by Ishimori is greeted by a stiff Richards kick.  Davey sets up to finish Ishimori with a flying double foot stomp but he misses.  After a series of reversals by both men, Ishimori grounds Richards and beats him with a 450 splash.

Taiji Ishimori defeats Davey Richards, to advance to the semifinals of The Super X-Cup Tournament.

The show returns from the break with highlights of what transpired between Lashley and Matt Sydal earlier in the evening.  This leads to Bruce Prichard making an announcement backstage.  He announces that Lashley will face Matt Sydal in a match, on the live edition of Destination X in three weeks.  It’s labeled as a Shot vs Shot Match, with Lashley’s World Title shot up for grabs against Matt Sydal’s X Division title shot.  The winner gets his “shot.”


Rosemary attacks Sienna the very second she steps into the ring.  Not long after that, Rosemary gets a table out from under the ring.  The action stays hot and heavy for the next few minutes.  Both women get into a stand-off slamming steel chairs against one another.  The battle goes into the crowd.  Rosemary uses one of the steel gates and gets Sienna in a tarantula submission.  The brawl continues in the stands as the show heads to break…..

Back from commerical with Rosemary stalking and beating down Sienna at ringside.  The action moves back into the ring and Sienna battles back with a stiff clothesline.  A table has been set up in the corner and chairs still remain on the inside.  Both women fight to the ring apron.  Sienna gets Rosemary up in her AK47 move and drops Rosemary to the ringside floor.  Rosemary struggles to answer the ten count but she does.  Sienna sets up for her silencer finish but is struck by a steel chair in mid-air.

Sienna is now counted down by Brian Hebner but she gets up at the count of nine.  Rosemary is on the prowl.  She hits the Red Wedding on Sienna, who goes face first into a steel chair.  KM gets into the ring to help Sienna get back to her feet before the count of ten.  Rosemary chases off KM and then proceeds to slam Sienna in the back with a steel chair.   Rosemary then goes under the ring and gets out a trash can.  Rosemary then places Sienna and the trash can together up against the table.  KM intervenes, the distraction causes a revived Sienna to be able to push Rosemary off the top rope.  Rosemary crashes into the table set up at ringside.  Both women are down, the count begins and Sienna gets back to her feet before the count of ten.  Rosemary is unable to.  Sienna defeats Rosemary in a Last Knockouts Standing Match, to retain The Unified Knockouts Championship.

Grado is backstage with Joseph Park prepping for his upcoming marriage proposal to Laurel Van Ness.  Park has given Grado a suit to wear and is talking to him off screen….. Highlights are shown of EC3 pinning Moose earlier in the night in a six man match.  Carter is interviewed backstage about his victory.  Carter talks of his new finisher he used and labels it the ECD. “The Ethan Carter Driver”…. EC3 goes on to say that he is Moose’s head now and that’s why he dropped him on it.  It’s then announced that Ethan Carter III will get a shot at Moose’s Grand Championship next week on Impact!…… McKenzie Mitchell is now backstage with Alberto El Patron and his father and brother.  Alberto is asked about his upcoming gauntlet match against LAX slated for later on.  El Patron says that he always knows what he is doing and where he is going.  He says that LAX is the exact opposite of him.  He says that LAX is led by a crazed lunatic in Konnan, and Alberto promises to get revenge for what they did to his father and brother.

Trevor Lee makes his way to the ring with the X Division Title, which he stole from the current champion Sonjay Dutt.   The current champ has been banned from the building due to his backstage altercations stemming from last week.  Lee takes a mic in the ring and brags about being a fighting X Division champ.  Lee then announces that he has found an international star from Mexico to challenge him for his title.  Mexican Mini from AAA wrestling Octagoncito makes his way to the ring.  Josh Mathews jokes on commentary, that he thought this would be Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Trevor Lee vs. Octagoncito

Trevor Lee continues his trend of wearing The X Division Title while wrestling.  Lee clowns around with Octagoncito early on.  Octagoncito takes issue with this and hits a few aerial moves on Trevor.  Lee teases quitting the match and that’s exactly what he does.  He takes a permanent powder and is counted out.

Octagoncito defeats Trevor Lee by countout

The stolen X Division Title can not change hands on a countout….. The banned Sonjay Dutt arrives on the scene.  He goes after Lee but is held back and escorted away by security.

LAX is at their clubhouse.  Konnan talks to his crew about Alberto El Patron not joining them, and their upcoming gauntlet match tonight.  Konnan instructs Homicide to start off the match and finish off what he feels is an injured Alberto El Patron.

Grado and Joseph Park make their way to the ring.  Grado has kept his signature backwards hat and fanny pack on, but is sporting an extremely snug vintage styled Orange Tuxedo.  Grado calls out Laurel Van Ness to the ring.  He compliments her beauty when she joins him in the ring.  Grado then gets on his knee and proposes to Laurel.  Allie shows up on the ring apron.  She is jumping up and down in joy at the proposal.  Braxton Sutter comes out and whisks Allie away.  He doesn’t seem to be pleased with her antics.  Just when Laurel is expected to answer Grado’s proposal, Kongo Kong’s music hits.  He confronts Grado in the ring, who ends up running away in fear.  Kongo then picks up Laurel in his arms.  She gets back to her feet and calms down Kong.


Homicide starts the Gauntlet for his gang.  Alberto pins Homicide almost immediately with a top rope splash.  One half of the Unified Tag Champs, Ortiz, is in next.  The LAX members on the outside intervene to help Ortiz take advantage of Alberto before the break…. Alberto rallies after the break with a step up enzugiri.  Santana interferes to help Ortiz take back control of the match.  It doesn’t work out as Alberto ends up pinning Ortiz after his signature top rope double foot stomp.  Santana is in and ends up dumping Alberto to the outside, where Konnan and company proceed to stomp on him repeatedly.  Alberto rallies and takes on all of the LAX members by himself.  He gets a hold of Konnan on the ring apron.  Diamante leaps off the top rope to save her leader but Alberto catches her in mid-air.  El Patron then dumps Diamante to the outside on top of her fellow LAX members.  Moments later, Alberto gets Santana in the cross arm breaker but LAX runs into the ring causing the disqualification.

Alberto El Patron defeats LAX by disqualification

LAX beat down El Patron, who  is tied up with the flags and beaten down.  Alberto’s brother El Hijo comes down to save him but is roughed up.  Alberto’s father Dos Caras arrives with a steel chair.  He is followed by The Veterans Of War, who come out to even the odds.  This helps Alberto escape and recover.  He gets a hold of a steel chair and drives LAX out of the ring with it.  The show ends with Alberto, his family and VOW posing in the middle of the ring.


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