Paul Roma talks about his alleged heat with Triple H

Jun 17, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Former Horseman Paul Roma talks about his alleged heat with Triple H:

“My understanding is that he is running NXT. I think he is turning out a fairly decent product. I think people have a misconception of how I feel about Triple H. You might say, well I’ve heard what you said but sometimes that can be misunderstood also. When Triple H went to WCW and he first started, they asked me to help train him and sharpen him up and that is what we did. Him and I tagged and it was fun. I have no qualms about Triple H as far as that goes. I also know that somebody has either a Twitter account or had one and they were really going at it with Triple H as me and I cut a promo and told them to cease and desist because they are not me and if it keeps up I’ll find you and you will be in a lot of trouble. If I want to get myself in trouble I can do it, I don’t need somebody else doing it for me.”

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