Angle on reconnecting with Vince McMahon after a decade

Apr 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

We touched briefly on the past and what went wrong. Vince said it was all water under the bridge. He was always like a father figure. We had a great relationship. We didn’t talk for 11 years. The problem is in 2006, when we met, I asked for my released and #WWE released me. We both didn’t get what we wanted. I wanted to continue to take my drugs and wrestle for the company on a part-time basis.

Vince wanted me to go to rehab and wrestle full-time. We both wanted me to stay, but we both had different views on how I wanted to stay. Neither got what they wanted so I left the company. Vince wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy. So 11 years later, to say it was water under the bridge and let’s move on, Vince showed me the type of person he really is. He’s always been giving and caring.

He can be a hard ass, but when you’re a successful CEO like him you have to be. But he has a big heart and he takes care of the talent and I appreciate that about him. I just wish I would have done what he wanted me to do 11 years ago and I didn’t.

Source: THE SpOTLight

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