Kurt Angle shares his lowest point battling addiction

Mar 14, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Kurt Angle was a guest on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling this week to discuss his upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction and new Angle Strong app that he is behind for those with addiction issues.

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Below are highlights from the interview:

Rock bottom moment from addiction issues:

“I was going to lose my family, I was going to lose my beautiful wife, Giovanna and my kid. I knew after my fourth DUI in five years. Once you’re addicted to a drug and you pull back on that drug, you start going to other drugs and what I did was I started taking anxiety medication so I wouldn’t take as many painkillers. Then, I started taking both of those and I started drinking alcohol and I was mixing all three. I got very careless, I was in the lowest point of my life in 2010, 11, 12, 13. I had four DUI’s in five years. I called my wife from jail and she said listen, you have to go to rehab, if you don’t go to rehab, I have to leave you, I love you but I can’t stay with you. That was my lowest point, calling my beautiful wife that I just married a year prior and her telling me she’s going to leave me if I don’t go to rehab.”

Who’s going to induct him into the Hall of Fame:

“Honestly, I don’t know. I always thought that you got to pick. I do believe that WWE will listen to you and listen to who you would like to induct you but overall, I think they pick. I’m okay with that, I think they know who I like and who I had great programs with and who I got along with the most. I always through out there, I hope it’s either Austin, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar or John Cena so I would imagine it’s one of those four but I don’t know yet.”

Getting the Hall of Fame call:

“… Triple H called me. I actually spoke to him last year, we talked about doing some things with WWE. He said let’s put something together and I’ll give you a call back and I didn’t hear from him for about a year. He said hey, we want to induct you into the Hall of Fame and I obviously pushed him further and said what about a couple matches? He started laughing and said listen, don’t worry about that, let’s do the Hall of Fame, let’s focus on that and when it’s over, we’ll talk about that but right now, let’s just focus on the Hall of Fame.”

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